AI DevelopmentSkirmish AI’s, are what the Computer Opponents in games are called. Developing a good Skirmish AI is a major undertaking, and requires quite a bit of know how. As the SY’s have more important things to do than develop an AI, they have left this job up to the community.
The community has risen to the challenge remarkably well, releasing quite a few AIs.
CodeNote that the full sourcecode for many AIs are available within the Spring SVN repository.
greenai - A page with basic documentation for the Global AI interface.

Krogothes Metal Class V3 - A useful mex spot finding algorithm, essential for any AI that uses metal extractors

Global AI Interface Jouninkomiko has a topic on the Global AI Interface ([i][/i]) running here.

Metal Handler Class Cain has developed and released a Metal Handler Class that succesfully finds metal spots on maps, which can be a major stumbling block for many AI developers. Information about it can be found in this thread ([i][/i]).

GlobalAI ABIC and Abic++ interfaces abstraction layers to minimize dependencies on compiler and spring version. See this thread ([i][/i])

Hugh’s global AI tutorial Hugh’s tutorial on writing an AI in C#.
Global AI .Net Interface Write Global AIs in .Net using Hugh Perkins’s interface

Unit grouping heuristic Unit grouping and reorg heuristic by Hugh Perkins

ResearchK-man’s Spring AI documentation ([i][/i]) Useful existing documentation on the Spring unit AI, however this is not related to the Global AI.

Darkstars ( - AF’s main site, has a lot of theory on it, including details of his NTai project

5 Matrix AI 1,2,3 ([i][/i]) - A thread discussing Triaxx’ theory and plans for his AI 5 matrix AI/Wormhole AI
“Research about Pathfinding, AI and Voronoi diagrams” ([i][/i]) A forum post by Gabba.

Academic research papers on AI in RTS games ([i][/i]) A forum post by NeuronExMachina.

AI research Material - Research links to articles and documents about AI

[b]Wikipedia AI ([i][/i]) - AI documentation on wikipedia

[/b]Greedy is good ([i][/i]) Greedy is good tutorial at

Graph and data structures ([i][/i]) Graph and data structures tutorial at This includes path-finding using bfs


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