BA II隆重发布,将加强玩家间合作



Title BA II V1.0 (BA 7.18)
Filename BA II V1.0.sd7
Filesize 15.69 MB
Filetype sd7
Upload-Date 2010.09.05 - 15:44:28
Last Change 2010.09.05 - 16:09:19
Maincategory spring
Subcategory mods
Author: Nixa
Upload from User Nixa
Changelog BA 7.18 —> BA II V1.0 (BA 7.18)
This project is an attempt to make BA team games more enjoyable for all. The idea is to produce a mod where 1 person can not win the game, but the team as a whole.
As a result some needed changes have been made

  • Nuke silos Energy cost 50% increased, reload time arm 2 → 3 mins, core 3 → 4 mins.
  • Anti-nukes now start with 1 missle loaded
  • Anti-nuke silo now costs 33% less energy (60000 → 40000)
    Whilst the T2 bomber role remains essentially the same, it is now alot harder to wipe out an entire team. It will still destroy targets of interest such as eco/coms (if not more successfully due to the increased damage) but will give the opposing team an oppotunity to counter unless used effectively (ie/ waves of bombers)
  • T2 bombers now precision type role (only drop 1 bomb instead of 8), damage now 950 (arm) 1250 (core)
  • T2 bomber reload time now 45 seconds (9 → 45 seconds) to full
  • Samson/Slasher now only targets air, weapon reload time 3.5 —> 0.9 seconds, damage 50% less.
  • Fixed Samson/Slasher chasing
  • Fixed T1 ground chasing - T1 fighters no longer automatically engage ground targets (now same as T2 fighters)

Title BA II (Prototype) v1.02
Filename BA II P v1.02.sd7
Filesize 65.28 MB
Filetype sd7
Upload-Date 2010.09.13 - 13:26:38
Last Change 2010.09.14 - 00:03:03
Maincategory spring
Subcategory mods
Author: Nixa
Upload from User Nixa
v1.01 → v1.02

  • Added weapons effects left out with last release
  • Fixed Lugar wreck
    7.18 → BA II P v1.01
  • Some New models
  • Some New effects
  • Some New hitboxes
  • Some AO added for buildings
  • Antinuke now starts with one missile loaded
  • T1 fighters nolonger chase ground units (behave like T2 fighters - stops them being baited whilst on patrol)

BA II的模型:

PS. the cursed已经更新至0.20了