:6_305: 由于大部分时间只活跃在百度贴吧 这些东西可能有心的同学已经在贴吧见过了.


A lot more back end work for stability, performance and overall game experience. There is at least one known server crash related to moving units through the celestial/deep space regions. We’re still looking for a 100% repro, however. If you find something you’re doing crashes your server every time, please let us know on the forums!

We have changed how games load - as soon as a lobby is hosted, the game server starts preparing the planet, both on the server and locally. If you notice “Connect to server” taking a little while, be patient. When you get into the lobby, you should see a status light on the solar system info that changes from red to yellow to green. Once it’s green, if everyone is ready, you should see the game start very quickly.

Significant changes to building placement code ; you should see fewer false positives on placement, as well as more accurate information when getting invalid/red placement warnings

Confirmation buttons exist now for: Leave a game lobby, leave a live game, quit the program

Default game type switched back to FFA from Vs. AI

Changes to lobby layout

Max planet sizes are now clamped to 1200 for gameplay ; you can make bigger planets, but we need more work before we can unlock play on larger planets

Start zone sizing should now be accurately represented

Ongoing work on the pathing

AIs build defenses more

AIs now will update their rally points for units being generated

AI should make better use of advanced fabbers again and also build many more advanced factories again

AI can now build defenses in expansion bases

AI can now build advanced mexes on existing basic mexes

Balance Changes:

WIP: Fairly significant changes to naval; this is still very in progress, and only basic units have really been modified yet. Advanced will get a pass next.
Too many changes to list individually.

Radar and Advanced Radar can now be built on water

Radar and Advanced Radar require your energy to be at least 90% efficient to operate (If you have 10k power and are using more than approximately 11,000 power, you will stall your radar)

Missile ship’s range has been decreased to be more inline with normal tactical missile launcher; Missile ship now also charges more slowly than before. Fire time is still 10 seconds, but if you’re running a deficit energy economy, it will slow down your rate of fire.

Tactical Missile Launcher has the same limits as the Missile Ship - stalled energy economy will have more of an impact on it’s ability to fire

Ion Defense Cannon: Changes to help make it more accurate (more work is still needed); This unit is NOT designed to take out orbital fighters.


A new Commander! Nastier AI! Cheaper engines! A tutorial! The latest update to Planetary Annihilation adds a ton of new features. Also, we’ve included a lot of cool optimizations and tweaks, in addition to balance changes. There’s a lot in this thing.
We’ve listed the full patch notes available in our forums or the client. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve dropped in the latest build, though:
Support for HDR, FSAA, and Resolution Scaling - Like visuals? Great! If you want to pump up the graphical volume on the game, you’ll need to turn these options on in the Settings menu.
Raptor Commander - You saw this guy during the livestream, right? Raptor Commander is a brand new Commander. Choose it before a match by clicking on the Commander profile picture.
Tutorial - Now players can view a little tutorial off of the main menu. This is a work-in-progress, as it’ll be updated and enhanced down the line.
Smarter AI - The AI is now even more evil. Oh! It can also launch nukes. Have fun with that.
Cheaper Delta V Engines - This is one of the many balance changes we’ve made. Basically, Delta V Engines are now a 1/3 cheaper than what they were. Have fun smashing planets!

大体说下这次更新 (没这么长) 新指挥官-迅猛龙 新ai-会放核弹 推星引擎价格降低1/3 视觉特效 HDR FSAA

A great many changes in this build are not necessarily obvious simply by looking at the build. A lot of plumbing work and behind the scenes to continue to improve the build, and to prepare for still to come changes. These patch notes do not include all of the many changes in this build.

Fix for new Steam players needing to exit and re-enter the game before they can create or find a match.

Improvements to building placement. More to come on this front.

Significant changes to how information is sent to the client. This should result in significantly reduced network utilization. It has been tested pretty thoroughly by the team, but it’s a big change. Please report to the forums if you find strange new behavior you’ve never seen before. Be as detailed as you can to help us better track down new issues.

Lava planets are currently disabled for play, due to some known pathing / placement issues in relation to having actual lava on them now. You can still build them in the system editor.

Additional client and server crash fixes.

Number of Mac shader and render fixes.

More HDR tuning.

More graphics performance and compatibility work.

AI Performance improvements

AI continues to get smarter, and make better use of existing systems. We will have a way to handicap the AI very soon.

The AI has also gone interplanetary.

Rebalance of defense towers, single, double and triple barrel

Wall health reduced and cost increased

好吧… 无责任翻译…

从这次build的数字来看就知道更新了多么多的东西了. 我们做了很多铺设和幕后工作以改进游戏, 并为未来的新内容做准备. 这次的更新公告其实不足以涵盖我们所做的全部工作.


改进建筑物的摆放. 会有更多的改进

改进服务器与客户端的通讯方式, 应该会大幅度减少宽带的占用. 虽然我们的团队完整的测试了这项更改, 不过这个变动实在是太大了. 如果你发现游戏有什么不正常的地方, 请到论坛详细阐述问题的情形以帮助我们解决问题

岩浆星球现在被屏蔽了, 由于现在上面有真的岩浆造成的一些已知的寻路和建筑物摆放问题. 不过你还是能在行星编辑器中添加岩浆星球






AI变得更聪明了, 他们会更好的利用行星系统. We will have a way to handicap the AI very soon.<- 这句难以理解


平衡防御塔, 单管,双管和三管



Beta Build: 56516

AI now has an economic scale; Once you host an AI game, you have a player and AI economic scale, so you can adjust difficulty for both yourself and for the AI. If you want to pure sandbox, you can set the AI to 0. This is a temporary way to provide an AI difficulty slider until we get more robust lobby options in place.
Better information provided now in celestial view for current orbits and interception paths
Laser towers should have an easier time hitting bots now
Metal spots should no longer be destroyable except by asteroid impact.
Quite a few simulation terminated fixes
Units rolling off a factory can no longer be interrupted ; They will finish roll off before starting up their next task
More user friendly errors if your client can’t start for some reason, especially if it’s related to Coherent (Our UI system)
A number of AI improvements: Can now build storage, anti-nukes, mobile aa and mobile artillery; They will more aggressively defend their mexes (metal extractors) with static defenses, and they will be trying to expand more rapidly; In general, they should also get stuck on various tasks much less frequently
Bombers should be able to hit more accurately again. They are not done, but they were a little over broken while we work on carpet bombing functionality.
Orbital Laser now correctly requires energy to function, which means it will slow down the overall speed at which it can fire.


Beta Build: 56516

-现在可以调整收入倍数(AI/玩家), 如果你想玩儿啥盘模式就给AI 调成0, 当然这只是临时的调整难度的手段.
-单位离开工厂的过程不会被打断, 他们必须完全离开工厂才能开始新任务
-如果无法启动客户端时, 会更加易懂的错误提示(尤其是由UI系统造成的问题)
-多个AI增强: 可以建造金属/能源仓库, 反核, 移动防空, 自走炮; 它们会在金属采集建筑周围布置重兵, 与此同时还会尽快地扩张; 总体来说, 他们卡在某项指令上的可能性更低了
-轰炸机的命中问题得到解决. 他们本身就没能很好地完成, 在添加地毯轰炸功能的时候遇到了很多问题
轨道激光武器需要能量运作, 意味着他们的射速会减缓

Date: November 14th, 2013

Please verify your game files if you haven’t for a while. There is an issue we’re tracking down with some files not getting patched correctly.

Just a reminder: Currently, everyone has access to all commanders. You will not have permanent access to all of them once we have systems in place for that. Never fear, we will have quite a few commanders to select from, regardless!

There is a known issue while accessing settings during a live game. Depending on the solar system and your computer, and connection, this can result in a very long delay to rebuild the system before you can play again. We recommend not changing settings during a live game for now. We will be fixing this, but it is an easily avoidable problem, so in the interim, avoid doing this!

Windows Versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 & 32 bit)

Mac OS/X: 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9

Beta Build: 57047

ATI 3X00 and 4X00 should be working again! Sorry about that, new impostor code uncovered a driver bug!

Economic factors should be working again. Keep a sharp eye on your energy. It does matter!

This also impacts how recon units use energy.

Target leading should be fixed.

Units will now automatically reclaim and build if you try and build over wreckage

AIs have names now!

Apparent “lock up” on the intro video playing should be fixed

AI is starting to have actual threat response, instead of just economic threat.




支持视窗系统版本: Vista,7 (32位/64位)

Mac OS/X: 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9

Beta Build: 57047

ATI 3000和4000 系列显卡应该可以运行游戏了!对此带来的不便深感歉意,是一个驱动程序的错误造成的!



Target leading should be fixed.(待确定)





P.S. Target leading 是提前量计算问题, 之前的错误是 如果一个移动的单位突然停止 提前量计算依然按停止之前的速度也就是说这个单位如果一直不动一辈子也打不到了

Beta Build: 57703

Lobby Passwords: Long awaited, make sure you can lock down your games to your friends. You’ll need to share the password with them of course.
Major start spot and metal placement fixes. Please report if you’re still finding significant unbuildable metal spots. Keep in mind, if you have very craggy planets, this can result in anemic start spots in terms of metal.
Numerous Linux Fixes: We’ve implemented SDL on Linux, which should enable full screen, fix issues with backspace doubling up, and a number of other errant behaviors
A number of server and client crash fixes
Loading screen is back: Should help make it clear when there is loading going on
Improved visualization of orbital paths/trajectory changes in Celestial view
Improvements to metal planet pathing and moon pathing
Support for audio on multiple planets now; Should make planet audio less confusing!
Bombers now use a carpet bombing technique. This will change their overall bombing behavior. Play around with them a bit. This will still require additional tuning, but consider it the first pass. Their numbers have been adjusted quite a bit to take these changes into account.
Hiding your commander underwater will be much less effective now.
Unit guard layer consistency pass


-解决有些金属收集的问题, 还有起始位置的问题
-Linux版本修复, 加入SDL现在能全屏运行了还修复了一些其它问题
-轰炸机现在尝试地毯式轰炸, 行为会改变
-Unit guard layer consistency pass (这个待定是说的单位防御的范围问题?)

Beta Build: 58197

Interplanetary Nukes - Bodies in orbit can now nuke each other. This is still a work in progress, but we think this feature nicely expands interplanetary warfare.

Orbital Camera Overhaul - We have a new integrated camera with more degrees of freedom and, more importantly, none of the crazy disorientation when zooming in from celestial view. Give it a shot and tell us what you think!

Kick / Kick-Ban - Now you can kick players from your matches. This is a pretty heavily requested feature, so we’re stoked to introduce the concept with this update.

Twitch.TV Integration - Now you can stream your matches from in-game! Just sign in to Twitch from the settings menu and start streaming immediately.

Changes To Unit / Building Selection - Complete re-write of selection logic. This is mostly internal, but some behaviors have changed. Let us know which corners we forgot to round off.

Tech 1 Bot Factory Redesign - Bot factories have a newer, more distinct look.

New Mod Folder - Mods can now sit side by side with game files without replacing them. There will be a post in the mod forum about the details of this.

Collision Tweak - Added rectangular collision volumes for naval units, which should allow for more accurate targeting and movement.

Structure Build Atrophy - Incomplete structures will now degrade over time and vanish after a cooldown period. Walls have been given a cooldown too, which makes it harder to abuse them.

And most important tons of bugfixes and other little tweaks to make the game better. And lots more to come!


Beta Build: 58197

行星核弹 - 同一轨道内的天体之间可以发射核弹. 功能尚未完善但是我们认为这样才算是真正的行星战争

轨道镜头改进 - 镜头现在更加的自由而且不会因行星之间的切换而迷失方向.

踢/踢且屏蔽 - 众望所归的功能, 能将其他玩家提出你创建的游戏

Twitch.TV集成 - 可以通过Twitch.TV直播比赛

更改单位建筑的选择 - 将该部分系统整个推倒重做,部分操作会有改变

T1机器人工厂重新设计 - 机器人工厂有了全新的独特造型.

模组文件夹 - 模组可以单独放在一个文件夹当中而不必替换游戏文件

碰撞调整 - 为海军单位添加了长方体碰撞模型,能更正确的移动和(被)攻击

未完成建筑物消退 - 没建好的建筑物如果没人管会逐渐消失, 包括围墙



Beta Build: 58678

Happy holidays, everyone! This year, Santa is bringing you a big bag of new features. Enjoy, and no matter what you celebrate, have fun, stay safe, and fling asteroids at your closest friends and family.

Area Commands: This is a big one! Area Patrol will be coming soon, which (depending on the unit) combines Area Attack, Reclaim and Repair functionality, but persistently. Currently supported are the following:

Area Attack: With unit(s) selected (bombers particularly are great), click and drag on an area you want to attack. All selected units will proceed to attack all available units in the area. If you don’t have recon on it, it will simply act as an attack move until it gets vision and will start to area attack.
Area Build: Currently two types of drag build commands exist. Circle for things like power, and line for things like defenses, factories, etc.
Area Reclaim: Unit(s) will find all reclaimable wreckage in the area until all wreckage is gone.
Area Repair: Unit(s) will find all repairable units in the area to repair until nothing needs repairing.

Notification System: This will notify you of important game events, such as structures being completed, incoming attacks, in particular commander under attack, and those other events you really want to know about when you’re building up a high speed asteroid to destroy planets with and not paying attention to that planet you’ve taken over.

Lots of work done on in-game selection logic. It should overall be much easier to select things, and select the things you want now. It does change some behavior though, so play around with it before you go play your ladder games.

Overhaul to the rendering engine. This is a big change but won’t be necessarily obvious to a lot of people. Read here for details: https://forums.uberent.com/threads/graphics-update.54840/#post-840016

Planet Smashing: The paths asteroids take now to smash a planet also looks a lot better. Try it out today! Smash your buddies and laugh!

Interplanetary Nukes: You can now nuke from one moon to another moon orbiting the same planet

Big art changes to Metal planets and new work on the desert biome. Metal planets now can support much smaller metal planets. Big ones remain their normal awesome selves, of course. You can also play on lava planets once again.

Twitch streaming fixes for AMD and for OS/X. There is no Twitch built in support for Linux, as the Twitch API does not support it.

Quite a few UI polish items. Better North / South icons, better looking start location tags, etc.

Factoryies support rally point assist now. Particularly useful for getting a ton of fabbers on a project.

Hotkeys that target and track a unit (commander, idle fabber, group), will now move to the correct planet.

Changing your settings should now only regenerate a planet if you change a setting that really needs to rebuild the planet.

Bot Factory has new art, deep space radar has art now, more units have their appropriate strategic icons now, a number of animation and model tweaks.

Radar structures now have animation states driven by their power status.

The commander has had his weapon changed a bit to allow more easily hitting small units such as the Dox.

Fixes to bombers so they have a better time hitting targets. Mind you, their main use is still against static defenses. If you’re chasing bots with them, you may want to restrategize.

Anti-nukes now start with one missile in their bay. The launcher is now more expensive to compensate for this.


区域指令: 这个很给力! 区域巡逻会在之后奉上, 根据单位的类型会有自动攻击 回收 修理等行为, 目前已经完成的功能如下:
区域攻击: 尤其适用于轰炸机, 选取然后拖动一个攻击范围, 所选的单位会攻击范围的的所有敌军, 如果还未对所选区域进行侦查, 单位会执行攻击移动在获得视野之后开始区域攻击.
区域建造: 现在有两种模式, 圆形, 作用于电厂之类的建筑; 线形, 作用于防御工厂等.
区域回收: 单位会自动回收区域内的残骸
区域修理: 单位会自动修理范围内的单位

提示系统: 会对游戏重要事件提示, 如建造完成, 敌军来袭, 指挥官被攻击等

对选择系统进行大幅调整. 总体来说更容易选择想要的单位了. 试着在打比赛前习惯一下

渲染引擎替换. 是个大更新但是有些人可能不会发觉到有啥不同. 具体参考这篇帖子: https://forums.uberent.com/threads/graphics-update.54840/#post-840016

砸星星: 行星运行的轨道比以前看起来自然多了

行星核弹: 核弹可以在同一星球的月球之间发射

对金属星球和沙漠地形大幅调整. 金属星球现在可以更小. 岩浆星球回来了

修复AMD和OS/X的Twitch视频问题. Linux无此功能, 因为Twitch API暂不支持

UI调整. 南北图标, 出生点等细节优化

工厂现在支持辅助集结点. 用于生产大量工程单位建造某个工程

选择特殊单位(空闲工程单位, 指挥官等)的热键现在可以跨星球选取


替换机器人工厂及太空雷达造型, 很多单位有了新的战略图标, 还有很多动画和模型调整


调整指挥官的武器, 更容易击中较小的目标,如Rox(T1 Bot)

修正轰炸机的投弹瞄准, 应该能更正常地命中目标了. 不过还是要提醒你, 它们的作用主要是攻击防御塔, 如果你用他们去轰炸机器人, 你一定会后悔的

反核弹现在造好就有一发库存. 当然造价也相应地提高