BlackOps Alternate Reality单位英文简介

BlackOps Alternate Reality单位信息:

Unit Description:
The AC-500 is used for close Air Support or ground troops.
- Nose Mounted Gattling Gun(1 turret).
- Side Mounted Gattling Gun(1 turret).
- Side Mounted Energy Cannons(3 turret).
- Side Mounted Artillery Cannon(1 turret).
- AA Guns(4 turrets).
Duke Nukem:

Unit Description:
The Duke Nukem Experimental Medium Range Anti-Matter Nuke Armed Artillery Tank.
- Low Arc Anti-Matter Nuke Cannon.
- AA Missile system(8 silos).
- Plasma Defence Cannons(4 turrets).
- TMD(1 turret).
Purple]Bolo Class Super Heavy Tank:

Unit Description:
A Big-Ass Massive Tank with Multiple Weapon Systems.
- Triple Barrel Main Gun (Must Deploy to Fire, movement NOT locked).
- High Arc Howitzers(6 turrets).
- VLS(Verticle Launch System)Missiles(12 Silos).
- Secondary Cannons(10 turrets).
- Anti-Air Energy Lances(6 turrets).

Basic Pic,nothing fancy.

The Bolo deploys its Track Guards/Stablizers to fire its Main Cannon.

The High Arc Howitzers.

The VLS Missile silos.

Top view.
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