Computer Gaming World:How does it feel coming back to RTS games after Dungeon Siege?Have your tastes or expectations changed?
Chris Taylor:If you think of me as an artist,I’m going to paint with the same brushstrokes.I’m not going to suddenly go off and create a Commande & Conquer-type game.I can only do things that fit my own personality style.Big nukes,big theater of war-those are all things that match my design tastes.

CGW:And what would you say is one of those defining tastes-besides the big nukes,that is?
CT:One thing that I loved was the ability to add new things to the game after the face by simply dropping in new data,without recompiling the
executable.Every game made should be data-driven because if you have to recompile,then you have to update the executable,increment the version number,and you’re probably invalidating saved games.You’re gonna make it so every single person who wants to play a multiplayer game has to go out and upgrade to that version.

CGW:And it works so well with Battlefield 2.On that topic,are you thinking of creating an online coummunity-a “” of sorts?
CT:Well,we’re making an online matchmaking solution.I just wish that we had a final name for what it is,because it’s more community pillar.It’s a meeting place with friends lists and chat rooms.There’s a laddered ranking system,and we’ve got plans to allow people to be ranked locally so you can see where you sit with everyone in your hometown versus everyone in your state versus everyone in your country.

CGW:What about a Supreme Commander online metagame?
CT:Well,we’ve toyed with the idea.We haven’t got anything official on that yet.But that could be something we do in the future,because we really love the idea.

CGW:Talking single-player for a sec,you’d mentioned in interviews that you’re working on a personality-archetype systerm.
CT:Yeah,we really want to see our A.I. opponents play with personality.Unfortunately,we may not get as far down that road as we wanted to for now.Most people,when they first unwrap the game,aren’t going to say,"Oh,I really want to play against,you konw,17 different A.I.s."So it’ll give people a chance to warm up to the game.Our expansion pack will probably be where we roll the personality A.I. out in a big way.

CGW:What do think of other tech?Like,say,Windows Vista promising to make PC gaming easier,more like consoles.Will this make your job any easier?
CT:Vista’s got a refreshing angle,but aside from the glitz,what’s cool is the prioritization on makeing PC gaming easier.Drop-and-play is a step in the right direction,but I also think the developer has a lot of responsibility.Like right now,Supreme Commander plays right off the DVD drive.Believe it or not,all the no-load stuff,all the streaming predictive caching stuff-if loads right off the DVD drive.There’ performance cost involved with making it work like a console,but we can do it.It’s completely within our grasp.It’s not the open architecture of the PC that has caused it entirely;it’s actually probably more a function of dollars in the development,and wa can do it because we can be clever,we can be resourceful,and we can make it happen.And we will make it happen.

CGW:One last thing I’d been meaning to ask:TA consisted of robots fighting.Supreme Commnader has maybe two humans on the battlefield.Is there a philosophical statement you’re making here?
CT:I am.To make war games is almost like saying that war is cool.War is not cool.Real war is terrible.I think when soldiers die,it’s bad enouth,but when children die because a missile hits kids sleeping in a hospital,it’s absolutely the worst thing ever.We don’t need our entertainment to be more of the worst part of being human.So why not focus on the intellectual exercise of strategy,mitigate all the human suffering,and reduce it to vehicles,equipment,and stuff like that?Like chess.


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