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Commander Shooter is a First Person Shooter mod for Spring. Now don’t go and think “Why would I play this
when I can play a real FPS?” Com Shooter shouldn’t be compared to real FPSes. Think of it simply as a 3D
shootemup for Spring’s FPS mode. It’s simple run 'n shoot fun and it’s easy for anyone to play. The controls
kind of suck, but it’s all Spring’s got, and once you get used to everything, you’ll have a blast :smiley:

How to play:

Simply select your commander and press the ‘C’ key on your keyboard. You will go into FPS mode.
To exit FPS mode, press the ‘C’ key again. If you want access to your commands, press Ctrl + C while in
FPS mode. This way, you can toggle on/off with ‘X’, cloak with ‘K’, etc.

Up Arrow Key = Move forward
Left/Right Arrow Keys = Turn
Left-click = Fire your weapon(s)

Each commander has one main weapon. Some have secondary support weapons, and some have non-FPS auto lasers.

Commanders and what they do:

Arm (3500 HP) - Arm is a sniper. His projectile travels quite fast and has enough impact to kill a com
with fall damage, but it has a relatively long reload time. Arm is stealthed with a jammer and, when
cloaked, will become completely invisible. However, it takes a lot of energy, and the jammer is short range
and doesn’t update fast enough as you move, so your enemies will see your radar dot every now and then.

Core (5500 HP) - Core wields a machine gun that can fire indefinately. Core is very fast and lightweight.
A good all around com for beginners, as he has no real weaknesses.

The Lost Legacy (8000 HP) - TLL is a brute with a powerful lightning cannon that has quick reload time
and high impact, but relatively low velocity and small area of effect. TLL is good at close combat. He
weighs a lot so he is difficult to kill with impacting weapons, but is slow and a target for fast commanders.

Mynn (2500 HP) - Mynn fires the most powerful weapon in the game, a nuclear rocket with a devastating
explosion. However, it has an extremely long reload time of 25 seconds, so use your shots carefully.
Mynn has a support rocket that does decent damage and is guided. Helpful while waiting for your n00x to
reload. Mynn is very slow and dies easily, but is all terrain to help escape from battle. Mynn is stealth.

Talon (3150 HP) - Talon is the fastest commander, very lightweight, and quite resistant to fall damage. Talon
wields a shotgun that is powerful at close range, but ineffective at hitting anything from far away.

Magma (4100 HP) - Magma is protected by a shield that blocks all projectile weapons. The shield can’t take much
damage all at once, but it regenerates quickly. Magma’s main weapon is fairly weak, but he is also armed
with heavy artillery rockets. Magma is stealth.

Guardian of Kadesh (4350 HP) - GoK can regenerate health very quickly, and so can last a long time in battle.
He is rather slow, however. GoK fires an instant-hit beam from his eye.

Fusion (6000 HP) - This monstrosity is made up of parts from other commanders. He possesses every
commander’s weapon, and so has an immense amount of firepower. However, Fusion is very slow, and the
randomness of the weapons firing can make it difficult to aim accurately. It also takes a lot of
energy, so you’ll have to cease fire and rebuild E every now and then.

United Earth Federation (10750 HP) - UEF is the heaviest, but slowest, commander, and has the most HP. He wields
rapid firing dual cannons with incredible firepower, but projectile velocity is somewhat slow.

Rhyoss (4000 HP) - Rhyoss can build gatling gun turrets to defend himself, limited to 20 at a time.
He is also armed with a flakker because his turrets cannot target aircraft. Rhyoss can easily be killed if
standing still while building, but can run fast to escape. Rhyoss can hover on water.

Argon (4750 HP) - Argon is a grenadier. He fires grenades that bounce on the ground once and then explode
with a strong impact and high damage. Argon is also armed with a flakker.

Lord (4500 HP) - Lord has a connection with the gods and can summon a devastating beam from the heavens at will.
He can fire at any point on the map if it is in view, and the beam can deal immense damage if concentrated on
a target. It’s difficult to aim, though, and it has a small area of effect. Lord can move the beam as he moves
for the duration of the beam time. Lord can hover on water.

Extra Units (non-commander units):

Eichhoernchen (1500 HP) - Eichhoernchen is a stealth fighter jet armed with multiple weapons, including vulcans,
plasma, and missiles. The missiles are powerful but can only fire when locked on to a target, and are close range.
Eichhoernchen is very fast and agile, but has little HP, and so requires great skill to use effectively. Don’t fly
straight for too long and be ready to dodge enemy shots when firing at a ground target, as most weapons cause
instant death.

Variants/Gameplay Modes:

Coms vs Krogoth - This variant is like Juggernaut mode. Commanders team up to defeat an almighty Krogoth.
The Krogoth has 35000 HP and is extremely heavy so it is immune to fall damage completely. He is armed
with rapid firing heavy plasma cannons, nuclear missiles, and a pinpoint instant-death laser. He also roars,
whistles, and even plays music! No single commander stands a chance against the all powerful Krogoth. At
least 4 coms are recommended to battle against it (and those 4 players need to be rather skilled, if the player
piloting the Krogoth is good, of course).

Respawn - In this variant you get an invincible nano tower that can build any commander instantly. You can
have only one commander out at a time. When it dies, you can build another one and repeat. Currently, there
is no way the game ends, so you basically just play til you get bored… Think of it as Sandbox mode.


Every commander has a powerful self-destruction. It takes 10 seconds to detonate. If you feel you are
losing, or are too lazy to fight, you can self-d on someone’s ass and they’ll go flying and most likely die.
Eichhoernchen has instant self-d.

Every com autoheals, but they can also slowly repair themselves. Exit FPS mode, then right-click your
com and he’ll repair himself.

Eichhoernchen cannot autoheal unless he lands. He heals at a very fast speed of 50 HP per sec, but he
is extremely vulnerable in the process, so land somewhere safe.

Hold right-click while playing as Mynn to auto fire your homing rocket when it locks onto a target.
This is useful against Eichhoernchen. Same with the flakkers on Rhyoss and Argon.

A few commanders have an auto laser which fire when you’re not in FPS mode. They are extremely weak,
but can be useful for finishing off an almost dead target.

Don’t let Tsuyosa host this mod. You’ll probably find out why when you play with her. >_>

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