Demigod Beta goes Live.

Following a tremendous showing at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), the much anticipated Demigod Pre-Order Beta is now live.

Demigod’s publisher Stardock will continue to provide limited access to the Betas through pre-order signups.

If you missed the first set, head on over to The official Demigod website to find out when the next cycle begins, and join our growing community of enthusiasts and Beta testers.


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IMPORTANT: Info on Demigod Beta 1 Release
By Zoomba Posted September 3, 2008 15:55:22
Ok, a lot of folks have been passing around rumors and speculation on what’s going on with the beta tomorrow. We’ve also been fielding the same questions from many people over and over again. So to make things easier for everyone, here is some basic information on Demigod Beta 1, preorders, and all that goodness…

When can I download the beta?
Beta 1 will be available on Thursday, September 4th. The only ETA we have is sometime in the afternoon. Stardock’s offices are in the Eastern Time Zone of the US (GMT-5). So no posting “Hey, I’m in Australia and it’s the 5th already and I don’t have the beta!” The release goes by our clock

When will my preorder be charged?
Preorders will be charged in waves on the 4th, in the order they were received. As your order is charged, you will be granted access to the Demigod Beta.

I preordered the game. Will I get the beta?
Anyone who has a preorder already (as of this writing) is 100% guaranteed a beta key. That said, chances are still excellent that if you preorder the game at any point in the next few days, you’ll probably get into the beta too.

I preordered the game. Why don’t I have a key?
You will get the key when your preorder is charged.

When is the cut-off for Beta 1 access?
We will accept preorders into Beta 1 for at least one week after beta starts. So if you haven’t preordered yet, you have some time still to order and get into the beta (assuming we don’t hit our tester limit first).

How do I download Demigod?
Demigod will only be available via Impulse. (http://www.impulsedriven.com/impulse_setup.exe)

Log in to Impulse using your Stardock.net account (what you use to log in to these forums)

If Demigod does not appear after you receive the email, check the registrations tab (the key icon in the top right) to make sure Demigod is listed, with an associated key. If it is not, copy the key you received via email, and “Add Registration” in Impulse. Make sure to supply the key AND THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU RECEIVED THE KEY ON.

Demigod should appear in the My Games tab. Select it, and click “Install” on the right. Impulse will handle download & installation of the game.
If you have any other questions about how to get your hands on the beta, post them below. I’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible. Please limit questions to getting the beta, not what’s going to be in the beta, or bug reports, or anything else. This thread will be heavily moderated, I will remove unrelated questions to keep things clean and easy to follow for everyone.