FA: Beta to Retail Changelist



  • Energy cost on ACU T2 Engineering Suite upgrade increased to 18,000.
  • Megalith Mass cost reduced to 33750. Flare lifetime reduced.
  • Monkeylord cost reduced by 15%; now costs 16,000 Mass and 200,000 Energy.
  • Aeon T3 gunship ground damage reduced to 32.
  • Cybran and Seraphim T2 bomber damage reduced by 20%.
  • All flak damage radius increased to 4, damage increased by 20%.
  • ACU Combat upgrade range reduced to 30 for UEF, Cybran and Seraphim. Reduced to 35 for Aeon.
  • Seraphim destroyer beam damage increased to 47. Torpedo damage decreased to 80, rate of fire increased to 1.
  • UEF destroyer cannon damage increased to 275. Flare rate of fire decreased to 0.1.
  • UEF torpedo boat torpedo range decreased to 45, salvo size increased to 4. Flare rate of fire increased to 0.4.
  • Atlantis torpedo rate of fire doubled.
  • Reduced health on Seraphim experimental nuke projectile to 60.
  • Mobile bomb will no longer do damage when destroyed. Power of self-destruct weapon remains the same.
  • Increased AA damage to 16 on UEF strategic bomber
  • UEF ‘Billy’ TML upgrade range reduced to 256, health reduced to 2 and damage radius reduced to 15.
  • Seraphim combat scout turn rate increased to 80. Can no longer fire from transports.
  • SCU Resource Allocation upgrade now adds +10 Mass and +900 Energy to existing SCU income.


  • Fixed death explosion on the Quantum Resource Generator.
  • Seraphim ACU Advanced Restoration Field will now correctly add 10% Health.
  • Aeon T1 bomber will no longer attack air units with its bomb.
  • GuardScanRadius added to the Ahwassa.
  • Added 15 second delay before eject buttons become enabled.
  • Map border textures updated.
  • Corrected effects on the Cybran TMD’s sphere.
  • Various performance increases.
  • Many, many other bug fixes.


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