Firstly, a new combination mission and multiplayer/skirmish map has been created by Mufdvr. Confluence is a 23 X 23 piece of artwork that works well on a whole bunch of levels. New missions are rare these days, so pay attention!

The map uses Taros and Veruna tilesets, in sufficient variety to lead to the hefty download size of almost 31 meg. There are effectively four land masses, with deep seas around the outside, and shallow rivers (passable to land units and smaller ships) at the “confluence” of the land masses.

The mission has the same title at the map name (Confluence), and appears under Arm missions in-game. It’s a more gradual and slower paced mission than some of Mufdvr’s other missions, what with some of his other work verging on psychological trauma, particularly if played on hard. This one is much more reasonable, and will give a good long game.

In mutliplayer or skirmish mode, the first four positions start in a ring on the outer ends of the land masses. TA_Features_2009 is required for the map to load. You can download the map HERE.

Secondly, I created a demo map several weeks ago to show off some of the new and repaired features of the newly released TA_Features_2009 Features set, as well as a couple of Chinahook’s new tileset releases.

Nothing Lives Here is 35 X 15, and combines U_Lava_Crystal and U_Lava_Transistions tilesets, as well as Cavedog Lava and Earth Desert V2.1. Some fairly intensive height manipulation was required to get the tilesets to work together. The map demos the repaired animated lava flows, bubbling and steaming water, as well as using some newly “discovered” and unused Cavedog lava spires.

The water is mildly acidic, and will heavily damage level one units which use the shallow crossings or meander into water. The lava areas are voided out, as TA doesn’t support differing damage levels from water. There’s adequate amounts of metal and lots of geos… but not all geos are buildable; some are placed more for aesthetics.

Ten players are supported… odds across the left (1, 3, 5), evens across the right (2, 4, 6), positions 7 and 8 on the sides, 9 and 10 dead center on the either of the two islands. Best games against AI will be to take one of the two center positions and have the AI take all others.

Like Mufdvr’s map/mission, this one also requires TA_Features_2009, and the map can be downloaded HERE.





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