RAI 0.600 下载..附更新说明


v0.553-v0.600 changes:

  • nukes/anti-nukes will now correctly consider a unit’s current stock piled/qued amounts
  • the Terrain-Map has been improved:
  • Map-Areas are generated for each mobile unit-type defined by slope,elevation,hovering,floating capabilities
  • poor map terrain is handled more intelligently
  • units will will virtually never attempt to make an impossible move (based on the starting terrain)
  • factories will no longer be build in sectors/areas that give their units access to less than 20% of the map
  • Only sectors are generated for each immobile unit-type defined by elevation,hovering,floating capabilities
  • is now more willing to build immobile units at any position they can be built at (excluding factories)
  • Only water/land-based weapons consider the concept of ~water/land~, all unit-types and build positions are now dependent of it
  • Acid/Lava and other harmful water maps are now properly detected and will not be built in or moved across (excluding units with hover/flying capabilities)
  • fix: builders ‘hiking’ long distances early in a game should now be almost entirely eliminated
  • KAI’s metal-map class has been removed & replaced:
  • metal positions are selected a little more intelligently on maps with poor terrain(slopes/harmful waters)
  • metal positions will not overlap other resource positions (metal/geo)
  • selected metal positions are no longer off center on maps using the traditional TA style metal placement
  • Resource linking has been improved:
  • v0.5 fix: could cause RAI to stop building extractors/geos beyond certain expansion routes
  • distances between two resources are now determined by the worst usable move-data path-type between them, this was previously estimated in segments that considered elevation change across a direct line distance
  • an expansion route will now almost always exist across areas of the most common unit path-types (EX: if its a water map then any resource can be reached by water)
  • the Power-Manager has been improved:
  • additional Energy-to-Metal Converters will not be built if existing ones are currently turned off
  • the Commander’s cloak/on-off functions now have a higher priority that units of a similar demand in energy
  • fix: the amount of units turned on/off will gradually increase/decrease rather than all of them shutting off/on at the same time
  • fix: Metal-to-Energy & Energy-to-Metal Converters will never be turned on simultaneously
  • fix: the starting unit is monitored more closely during the beginning of a game ( prevents 2 specific issues )
  • a commander could get stuck at the starting point of a game with the first move/build order
  • a commander could build something on top of himself at the start of a game
  • attack units will now scout for enemies under a few additional conditions
  • v0.550 fix: improved the conditions to prevent hovercraft from being disabled on a mod that required them (mod: star wars)
  • v0.550 fix: metal extractors were not being built on certain metal-maps
  • v0.500 fix: kamikaze units are fixed (they will no longer wander the map randomly and avoid attacking enemies)
  • fix: build-list detection (mod: Core VS UEF)
  • fix: several related to economy, attack groups, build-lists, misc …
  • the loading time is now several times longer (a lot is cashed so this loading time is usually a one time issue per map/mod)
    RAI-v0[1].600.rar (154 KB)