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Posted by Crono0001 on 02-10-2002 12:43 AM:
Raid Protection.
My friend knows how to get some peewees really fast. I don’t know how he does it
for I have never seen anyone get them that fast. Thing is, I’ve decided to watch
him a few times, and i still don’t get how he builds peewees that fast. Its just
fast! I watch him, and it’s as if the peewees build faster! But thats just not
right. He’s very good and has beaten many opponents. But that is all he knows
how to do
Catch him on a 2v2 or a 4 player ffa and he’s toast cause he only knows how to
play at the beginning, doesn’t know how to play with advanced units (Doesn’t
know how to move them for strategical uses) If you are able to fend off at least
12 peewees in the first 10 mins than he’s toast. But i’ve never seen many people
do it…
Please give me suggestions on how to beat him.

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Posted by LordBeek on 02-10-2002 06:52 AM:

12 Peewees in 10 minutes?
You could get 50 odd peewees in 10 minutes easy.
If you want to build peewees that fast , just start of normal, then build your
kbot lab, and guard it with the commander. They will appear very fast.
But if you want a more stable foundation to win against peewees. build a vehicle
lab, few flashes to raid, then quite a few samsons. They cut down peewees really
fast, especially with radar targeting. Any that get through, just d-gun.

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im good
15 min bt

Posted by Annihilater2k1 on 02-10-2002 08:13 AM:

IMHO Flashes are WAY better than peewees.

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Posted by NewKid on 02-10-2002 11:33 AM:

If he’s just good to build 12 peewees, build 12 flashes the way LordBeek
explains (it’s cheaper and faster than KBot Lab + peewees) plus samsons, when he
comes with the 12 peewees they will be toasted, then you can attack his
ressources and then his KBot lab with the remaining units, while expanding.
Or build 3 flashes (2 solars, 3 mex, 1 VehLab, then guard the VLab with the comm
for 3-4 flashes, then the comm goes for more ressources and the VLab builds 1
con …after that it’s up do you, a mix of sams and flashes should be ok) and
raid him with the flashes to destroy his mexxes. If he tries to counter the raid
with the peewees, just run away and come back elsewhere. If you VLab keeps
producing flashes and and occasional con, you will have more flashes when the
firsts are destroyed, and you can raid him again.
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Posted by Screamer on 02-10-2002 05:29 PM:

Just get 5 or so Samsons…

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Posted by Forsaken Kbot on 02-11-2002 03:08 AM:

Get the resources to fuel 3 labs at once and start a building

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Posted by Pic on 02-12-2002 01:55 AM:

kill yourself for not being able to make a hlt in 10 minutes



Posted by Pic on 02-12-2002 01:56 AM:



Posted by Pic on 02-12-2002 01:58 AM:

better yet… walk around for about 5 minutes doing NOTHOING AT ALL… then start
to build and make 20 sams in the next 7 mins… … LMAO!!.. or wai twait go
air… and get 2 con airs… and guard your lab for freedom fighters youll get
like 20 when he comes at 10 mins lol LMAO!!! HAHAHAH!!


Posted by Xavier on 02-12-2002 02:00 AM:

one defender with dts around it will stop 12 peewees plus change - if u can’t
build all that in under 3 mins (including making lab etc) then plz go buy
another game

Posted by Pic on 02-12-2002 02:01 AM:

no keepplaying cause um… yanoo? um not many play :\


Posted by Xavier on 02-12-2002 02:00 PM:

yeah true sorry just keep practicing

Posted by JoesGeo on 02-12-2002 05:01 PM:

Dt’ed defensive things own peewees. Flashes also are mega better than peewees. I
agree with the sammies too.


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Posted by A_Novice_ToS on 02-13-2002 08:29 AM:

Actually peewees beat flashes quite well - as you get 2 peewees for 1 flash they
are much more effective at raiding on maps like GPP, even on comet sometimes.
Only problem with them is peewees get owned by sams

Posted by Masonary on 02-13-2002 11:47 AM:

12 peewees in 10 mins. hmmm, not what you would call a killer force.
just expand, build sams/slashers and away you go.

d gun any that get to you really early.

dt’d defender, hmm never seen that approach before

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When the Blind Leadeth the blind
They Bumpeth into things

which is worse, confusion or apathy? who knows, who cares

Posted by Xavier on 02-13-2002 02:10 PM:

yeah umm i just tried to think of the simplest, cheapest way of killing 12
in reality the most practical way is probably just a couple of sampsons.

Posted by NewKid on 02-13-2002 04:49 PM:

mmh, there is a LLT’s revival these times… More beginners on TA That’s good
news people worse than me

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Posted by DOGGY on 03-07-2002 04:37 AM:

i have a better idea: first min: do nothing, 2nd min: do nothing, 3rd min: get
something to eat, 4th min: holy, dont u get thirsty when u are eating? 5th min:
hmm, i wonder what is on tv atm 6th min: damn, i gotta walk the dog, brb ! 9th
min: build 4 solars around ur commander and wait for min 10. 10th min: there
they come, just dgun them all and then walk and dgun his commander, or wait, u
said he is kbots? hmm, go air and nap his commander with a trans? yes yes,
thats very basic

Posted by DOGGY on 03-07-2002 04:46 AM:

btw, peewees win only against flashes if the game is laggy. its always the same
thing: if there is lag the cheap units own the expensive ones…
2peewees vs 1 flash without lag: flash kills 1 peewee before the 2nd peewee even
begins to shoot, the next peewee dies like the first very fast. the flash should
be somewhere at half damage. If there is lag, both units will shoot at each
other for 10 secs (in that time t he 2nd peewee is joining his brother, of
course), till each side has a 1% energy bark on his opponents unit, then in sec
11 both die, 1 peewee survives. I hate if ppl kill a sam of me with 2 laggy

Posted by DOGGY on 03-07-2002 04:50 AM:

[edit]lala, spam, spam, better now? spuddy?[/edit]

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Posted by spuddy on 03-07-2002 12:59 PM:

Nice triple post doggy god knows how u managed it were u pissed at the time? Btw
this time i’m BTU

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Posted by DOGGY on 03-08-2002 01:59 AM:

now u have lost me, spuddy , can u say that again in a way even a dog could
understand it, plz?
btw, triple post, hmm, havent noticed i posted so many times in a row. im just
too lazy to click that small “edit” button. The reply button looks cooler, and
is bigger , and i get more posts for my postcount of course (u know, sumos

Posted by Annihilater2k1 on 03-08-2002 02:02 PM:

Very early rockos masses of them own.

The weak have one weapon, the over-confidence of those who think they are

The weak have one weapon, the over-confidence of those who think they are

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d-gun peewees often of no use, and it get energy out