rate 10 tadrs的新录像 RVD vs rAndy地图 hundred isle


99% percent of the time when 2 experts play this map, both players will go sea 1st, uc their skeets well, pick a good time to walk/make cons - and thats good to learn from, and can be good to watch, but generally they can be quite boring. Its all been seen before.

This is the 1%. rANDY goes air (a strat on this map which I always thought was like a ‘lol I beat him with air’ sorta strat) but he does it very solidly and when hes sea hes right in the game. Now you get your more normal sea war. Both players use their skeets very well, and there are constantly little raids and stuff going on trying to gain some advantage in this 6 mex each game. Eventually one player wins quite a few wrecks and looks in a better position, but kills the other play a bit prematurely :frowning:

vgg, download it.