[REL] Asteroids (一幅太空地图)

[REL] Asteroids (a space map)
After one year of supcom abstinence i finally got into the mood to make a new supcom map yesterday. since i wanted to make something special, i took the challenge to make a space map. I’m faking the space effekt by using perfectly flat and waveless water, which is pitch black and reflects the sun and the stars. I’m using Saya’s great “lava” script (thanks alot to Saya for creating and sharing it) to destroy land units that are dropped into space by a transporter.
but faking space this way has also some minor downsides: there are some small graphical glitches at the asteroid border (like a little shadow in space and some minor flickering) and you have to set the fidelity in video settings to “high” to see the space background.
BTW: Some of you may notice that the layout of the map is based on “Seraphim Glaciers”… yes, i’m lazy.
But enough of talking, here are the map infos and some screenshots:
Asteroids (20km x 20km, 8 Players)
Once one of the most resouce-rich planets in the universe, the massive battles fought to conquer it torn the planet apart. But its shattered remnants still serve as a battleground, until even the last remaining resources have been harvested.
You can find the map in the Vault as “Asteroids” and “Asteroids FA”.
I hope you enjoy the map.
Greetz, Haz
As people seem to want a direct download so badly, here it is:

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早就有了,那个万恶的SPACE MOD还没出来……

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