Simultaneous Attack and Defence(攻守兼备)

By Metalion
[b]Imagine this scenario for me:

[/b]The map is not so big and you have managed to reach to a portion of enemy’s base with a reasonable force. You have some factories building units, and some resources (Solar Collectors, Metal Extractors etc.) at range, but you’re under fire by enemy’s defences and you cannot see them all. Then your Advanced Radar begins to detect enemy blips heading to your base. What are the orders to your forces?

a) Stop your offensive and retreat immediately to defend your base.

b) Ignore the radar and order your troops to kill anything at range: units, resources and factories.

c) You order your troops to engage the defences and take the labs and resources last.

d) You destroy the factories, labs, con units, and then retreat to your base.

e) You destroy the metal Extractors and Solars and then retreat to your base.

f) You divide your forces: half of them attack the labs and construction units, and the other half runs to your base.

g) You do the same as in f, but attacking the mexxes instead of the labs and construction units.

h) You do same as f, but attacking everything.

Here are the solutions.

a)If it was a diversionary raid the enemy achieved his goal, but if not, your forces reach just in time to save your base. The enemy is slaughtered; trapped between your base defences and your retreating force which suffered minor damage. However, you didn’t attack the enemy’s resources nor buildings so if you return to attack again he’ll surely make enough forces to force your retreat. The result is no progress made by either player, as you didnt take any advantage of the situation.

b) If it was an enemy’s diversionary raid, then it failed, and you’ve done a good job in enemy’s base before forced to retreat. But if it wasn’t diversionary, then your base is being crushed, your Commander is in great danger, and your forces at the enemy base are being decimated because killing the factories and resources will cost you a lot of time under heavy fire. The result is that you die.

c) This is the worst choice. The fact that you’re attacking unseen defences forces you to go deeper into the enemy base, allowing other defences not at range to bring their cannons to bear. Due to the resulting heavy fire you’re forced to retreat, but the factories have finished building new units and your force is finally crushed. The enemy radar contacts? It doesn’t matter. With the enemy’s resources and factories building you’ll soon face a huge force and your base will surely fall.

d) If the enemy was attacking you with a serious force your Commander is in serious danger, and your attacking party is forced to retreat to assist your defenses. Perhaps you die, but if you survive you ought to attack soon to gain the advantage or the enemy will rebuild his factories which is easy as he has plenty of resources. You take a little advantage over your foe.

e) You attacked the resources and this is the best solution! Your force under attack at the enemy base, but ignores the factories and destroys the resources. Your base is under attack, but killing the resources takes little time and you retreat your forces to protect your base. Your base is being stripped of its defences but what remains of them, your forces and your Commander manage to cripple the enemy force. Your enemy is under nano-stall and cannot use his factories properly. But you may repair your forces and produce new units. Your enemy’s defeat is near.

f), g) and h) Dividing your forces means to attack with weaker force so you cannot defend your base properly nor kill your objectives at enemy base with enough speed. This leads to disaster, as your enemy has an overwhelming advantage over you.