I have been pulled off my current project, at least for now, to work on SupCom 2 again. Yay! I will be working on fixing the bugs in the AI (found a huge one today) and generally improving the way the AI plays. For the most part, the AI does fairly well. Once I get the bugs ironed out and tweak some things you should see a pretty decent improvement. Unfortunately, I do not know when these fixes will actually make it into a patch, but I hope it is soon. We need to test these changes as much as possible before releasing them and finding out later that we made things worse.

The other great thing about being back on SupCom 2 is I get to be brought up to speed on the other things we have planned. The next few patches are going to be cool. Some nice changes, some cool new features, and of course, ranked 1v1. Of course, this will give me more to blog about as well. I also got to sit down with Chris and go over some other things I would like to see changed. The outlook for future patches looks good.

So far, I think I have found the main cause of the complaint about the AI not reacting to things the enemy does, as well as the AI getting stuck when you rush it early. I also have done some preliminary balance changes, and also changed some weights for how the AI chooses which archetype get used. This is just a small part of the list I have been given to work through. Any of you readers have any other complaints about the AI? Feel free to reply and let me know what you would like to see. I know I have my own list, but I want to hear from you. Please be as detailed as possible.

The next few weeks should be exciting.

( btw, Bender quote ftw :slight_smile: )

Gooooooda!“Some nice changes, some cool new features,” 不知道有什么呢~

不过现在有空的话都是跟人战~ 电脑的话还是等没法上网的时候再说吧……