• Bos/Cob script for units can now animate the death of the unit. Just have the Kill function return after a while instead of directly and return wreck level in return value instead of in function argument.
  • Fixed the com dies, game ends exploit: sharing your com now kills you
  • Fixed a bug causing clients not to quit when server quits
  • Fixed crash bug normally resulting in dialog with “no rtti data”
  • “.give” cheat command doesn’;t desync the game anymore
  • Made “Team0() is no more” message customizable by modders (see XTA for an example).
  • Added weapontag “paralyzetime”, controls how long a unit can maximaly be paralyzed after being hit by this weapon, default 10
  • Adds some new options in the settings program for scroll speeds
  • Added new fbi tag “levelground” set this to 0 to prevent a building from leveling ground beneth it. Make sure that the model continue some way below ground so that they dont look like they float in air.
  • Fixed torpedo aircrafts not being able to attack subs
  • Added support for decals on ground below buildings
  • New fbi tag UseBuildingGroundDecal, set to 1 to enable decals for building
  • New fbi tag BuildingGroundDecalType, name of a bitmap in unittextures folder
  • New fbi tag BuildingGroundDecalSizeX,BuildingGroundDecalSizeY, size of decal (same scale as footprint for unit)
  • New fbi tag BuildingGroundDecalDecaySpeed, how fast the decal will fade out after the building has died, default 0.1 (fades out in 10s)
  • New fbi tag ShowPlayerName, if set to 1 the tooltip shows the player name instead of the unit description
  • Fbi tag HideDamage now actually works: set it to 1 to hide most details in the unit’;s tooltip from enemies
  • New weapon tag “rgbcolor”, overrides the old color1 and color2 tags if it exists, gives the color in red green blue format (1 1 1 = white).
  • Removed old plasmarepulser system and replaced it with a more generalized shield system
  • New weapon tdf tag IsShield, if 1 mean the weapon is a shield and now a weapon
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldrepulser, 0=destroy projectile,1=repulse (bounce) projectile
  • New weapon tdf tag smartshield, 1=shield doesnt affect allies weapons
  • New weapon tdf tag exteriorshield, 1=shield doesnt affect weapons fired from within shield
  • New weapon tdf tag visibleshield, 1=see a visible shell representing the shield
  • New weapon tdf tag visibleshieldrepulse, 1=see a beam showing when shield repulses something
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldenergyuse, how much energy the shield use when repulsing/destroying something
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldforce, how hard shield can accelerate some sort of projectiles away
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldradius, size of shield effect
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldmaxspeed, maximum speed the shield can push some sort of projectiles away
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldpower, how much power the shield can store, power is drained by the affected weapons damage, 0=infinite
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldpowerregen, how fast the shield regenerates power
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldpowerregenenergy, how much energy the shield uses when regenerating power
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldintercepttype, which types of weapon the shield can affect (bitfield)
  • New weapon tdf tag interceptedbyshieldtype, which types of shields can affect this weapon, if (shieldInterceptType & interceptedByShieldType) is not zero the shield can affect the weapon, default 1 for plasma, 2 for laser, 4 for missiles, 0 for other
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldgoodcolor, color of shield when power is full
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldbadcolor, color of shield when power is empty
  • New weapon tdf tag shieldalpha, how visible the shield shell is with visibleshield=1
  • Added auto zooming using scroll + Left ALT key (patch from colorblind)
  • Added simplified LOS drawing (patch from colorblind)
  • Fixed mouse speed problems in windows with holding shift.
  • Demo filenames with spaces in them work again.
  • Changed non-positional sound behavior: only selected units give non-positional sound
  • Missile weapons no longer tracks to exact position of non flying units (make missile units weaker against radar targets)
  • Stun damage units now receives 1/10 of normal experience and no experience for attacking already stunned units
  • Units no longer receive experience for “overkill” damage
  • Adds support for using arbitary team colors, teamcolor textures for 3do need to be slightly changed to accomendate this (see the base texture archive to see how its done)
  • Increased max camera zoom out (zooming to far can cause slowdowns/graphical glitches)
  • Added Radar group AI from colorblind: It notifies the player of incoming enemy units.
  • Added custom explosion generator: It can be enabled using “explosiongenerator=custom:SomeExplosionGeneratorName” in the weapon TDF. See the wiki page http://spring.clan-sy.com/wiki/CustomExplosionGenerators for more info.
  • Tab will now bring zoom out to show all map in any camera mode, tab again zooms back to the mouse cursor.
  • Added GetGravity(), GetUnitDefHeight() and GetUnitDefRadius() to AI interface
  • Mod can now be selected in the single player menu.
  • Checksums of the map and mod are checked on game start.
  • Mod can be selected when starting the spring exe directly.
  • Various other small changes.