When Supreme Commander 1 first came out, even the before it was released, the mention of zooming out, completely out, was revolutionary. It even looked cool.

But once your playing or see recordings of other people playing, you mostly see people zoomed out majority of games. Looking at the strategic zoom zoomed out, units moving back and forth looks like ping pong game from the atari days. Chris Taylor did build Supcom with pretty graphics, but once you go in stragetic zoom, way out, you loose the action, the cannons firing, the smoke, units dieing… you lose the detail in the units.

It would be better to see a strategic zoom 2.0 with all the unit detail, the smoke, cannons firing, etc… except as you zoom out, instead of seeing icons to replace units, just make units a little smaller as zooming out.

Or you can increase the scale of the units by doing some changes on the video preferences, so as your zooming out the unit will not get smaller it well sort of maintain it’s size instead of getting smaller. This video at gametrailers gave me this idea. It starts at :39 seconds and ends at 1:10 minute mark.

I forgot where I found this pic, but the original size was 5600 x 4988, i had to resize it because it was 8mb! I don’t know how they made a whole TA map screen, maybe by +makeposter all across the map then they pieced it together?

Anyhow… here is a pic what a strategic zoom 2.0 should look like zoomed completely out.

And of course supcom strategic zoom 1.0 comparison.

Which do you prefer, supcom strategic zoom 1.0 or strategic zoom 2.0 TA pic as reference and gametrailers video?



我不认为还有什么2.0的视角,原文作者似乎没用过Google Earth?把5.1亿平方公里的地球表面显示在一台19寸的屏幕上,只能是和SPC完全一样的缩放。观察位置较高时,行人、车辆完全是个点,类型根本看不出来,不用图标还能用什么表示?





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5600 x 4988