已经发展到SUPCOM BATA 4.4版了

Beta 44 Release Notes
NOTE No. 1: Beta 44 requires the latest version of DirectX. If after patching you receive a “missing dll” error, you need to download the latest version of Direct X, which can be found here:
NOTE: No. 2: GPG is fully aware of the “black screen” and “keyboard freeze” issues caused by conflicts between the game, antivirus/firewall software and keyboard management/hotkey apps. We are still working to resolve the issues with future beta releases beyond this one. We ask for your patience while we perform beta testing.
Full release notes:

  • Full integration from the game’s main development branch, reflecting many changes to the game’s code base. Only the highlights are included here.
  • Beta 44 contains an update to GPGNet (see below), but an additional, required update is also automatically patched upon connection. The active, most recent version of GPGNet is
  • Two new maps: Open Palms and Arctic Refuge.
  • Several color, prop, texture, normal map and effects adjustments throughout the game.
  • Several animation and animation speed adjustments throughout the game.
  • General game balance adjustments to several units. Highlights are included below.
  • New Main Menu screen and front-end UI treatment
  • Several changes to win/loss condition logic:
    – If you are defeated, you are out of the game even if you have allies still in the game.
    – AI will not take over for a player that has disconnected.
    – You lose 2 seconds after your commander is killed in Assassination, not 20 seconds.
    – Your remaining units don’t die for another 20 seconds.
    – There is still a 15 second timer after all opponents are defeated before you are issued a win, but it is more robust.
    – Once someone wins (or everyone is defeated i.e. a draw), the game stops. Because this happens after 15 seconds but units don’t blow up until 20 seconds, there is actually something left over to look at once the game ends.
    – Announce wins/loses/draws to everyone in the game, not just the person who won/lost/drew.
    – Alliances made in ranked matches will result in a draw.
  • Ctrl-F screenshots are now dumped into Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Gas Powered Games\SupremeCommander\screenshots
  • Shields are now turned off when being transported.
  • Observers can now only talk to other observers. Double clicking on an observers name will now prompt you to kick that observer.
  • Right clicking on a queued build icon will remove one 1 from its counter and/or you can right click the build icon above to remove 1 from the last queued build icon.
  • Fixed factory upgrades not showing up
  • Fixed the “abort” button on the “connecting…” dialog visible when launched from GPGNet.
  • When giving resources to allies, use the percentage supplied by the UI as a percentage-of-stored-resources instead of a percentage-of-one-unit-of-resource. As it was, if you gave them 100%, they would get 1 unit.
  • Players receive messages when another player breaks an alliance with them in a multi-player game.
  • Players can’t break alliances they initiate.
  • Players receive messages when another player accepts or rejects an alliance request in a multi-player game.
  • Veteran buffs will actually now happen when they become a vet
  • Split-screen functionality has been returned.
  • Removed legacy code for hiding economy warnings that was causing video callbacks not to get called.
  • AA weapons now target planes on the ground.
  • Toggling off a stealth field generator will now work properly when done over and over again
  • Some AA missiles didn’t have quite long enough reach. Went through AA Missiles and got them up to snuff.
  • Update shield health frequently due to the overloading of the progress bar used for construction
  • Fix for missing ACU nuke and certain unit upgrade effects.
  • Engineers can repair submerged units but their repair beam animation is above water.
  • Shields/weapons on units on the UEF gunship will now have those disabled when the gunship is placed inside a carrier
  • Enhancements no longer remove buttons when built. This was causing issues and now that shields stay on during upgrades there’s no reason to keep them on anyway.
  • T1 transports can no longer pick up ACUs. Only T2 and above transports can carry ACUs
  • UEF Support Commander’s main weapon can no longer target air units
  • Cybran SCU now has a toggle button for its cloak and stealth.
  • Commanders and Sub commanders now have above water vision underwater.
  • Fixed some bombers dropping bombs on air targets.
  • Vapor trails (and other effects) will not show through fog
  • Reverting the Aeon T3 mass extractors to their old icon
  • Build preview now uses economy estimates from the upgraded building if the factory is currently upgrading
  • Upgrading units no longer block out their construction panel when upgrading to the top tier.
  • Adjusted Aeon Siege Assualt bot’s collision box to allow incoming projectiles to connect.
  • Black fog not revealed when commander walks on seabed.
  • Re-enabled vision for LAND category units that are on the seabed.
  • Fixed resting position of Aeon strategic bomber
  • Adjustments to the UEF Battleship shells
  • Updated UEF Commander walk animation.
  • New death animation for Colossus
  • Adjustment to game’s camera position at map start.
  • Disabled drag resize in windowed mode. Took windowed mode out of video options (you can still go windowed via /windowed or setting your game.prefs file).
  • Implemented Random start spots in lobby
  • Map selection is navigable via arrow keys, etc.
  • Warn when setting an invalid windowed resolution on the commandline
  • All experimental units should now use an experimental strategic icon
  • All save game and replay files are now stored in individual directories for each profile. You may choose to look at saved files for only your profile, or for any profile.
  • Fix nuke silos not counting its kills when missile explodes.
  • Fixed Cybran commander so as not to have to spin around to build
  • Returned build waypoint icon back to repair.
  • Prevent commanders from carrying out orders initially when warping in so they don’t build things that get blown up by the initial explosion
  • Made the repeat queue work better when you use shift or ctrl click to speed up building of units.
  • Removed the 50 and 500 quick build since it is no longer relevant with the repeat queue feature, and it’s a performance issue due to the 1st fix above.
  • Fixed various issues with Monkeylord being transported by air transport.
  • Fixed UEF commander pods not able to land on a moving commander
  • Made enhancing progress bar trump shield health display so we can tell the progress of the Cybran shield enhancements.
  • Fixed Tactical missiles not having proper waypoint icons set up.
  • Allowed cancelling of teleport in progress for commanders with the teleporter upgrade.
  • Fixed CTRL-L including engineers and commanders.
  • Make large submersibles not come so close to shores
  • New custom damage effect for the UEF CDR
  • Added two new naval formations. Naval now has 4 discreet formations to match up with the land counterpoints.
  • Better logic for switching anti-air guns on and off for weapons that switch between air and land mode.
  • Various tweaks to make lasers perform and arc differently
  • Increased FuelRechargeRate to 70 for transports that can’t land on Air Staging Facilities.
  • Fixed the Aeon and Cybran Mobile Rapid-Fire Artillery muzzle flash effect and projectile.
  • Fix included so that player or engineer location is not shown to all on the map if the player reclaims any resources or burns any trees upon a commander entrance.
  • Fixes missing projectile on Cybran light artillery
  • Cybran CU’s Cloak/Stealth less obvious now
  • Fixed Cybran naval factory build effects
  • Fixed Aeon SCU personal shield upgrade – Heavy Personal shield is now the same as the ACU’s, and displays the research animation when researching the Heavy Personal Shield Generator from the SCU upgrades in-game.
  • The research animation is displayed for the UEF and Aeon ACUs when researching certain ACU upgrades in-game
  • Fixed UEF Naval factory build beams
  • Made selection-drag rectangle be in screen space instead of world space. This fixes issues with selecting units high in the air. You can still get at the old behavior by setting the “ui_DragSelect2D” console var.
  • Fixed location of footprints on UEF CDR.
  • Added death animations for UEF light assault bot
  • New unit ambient sound system – Ambient sounds on units no longer use the unit itself to play an ambient sound, it spawns an entity. This way ambient sound functions won’t turn off the ones you don’t want them to turn off.
  • Updates to ACU/SCU scripts to hopefully help a number of aiming issues.
  • Cybran T3 spy planes now start with their cloak toggled off.
  • The UEF T1 transport now starts folded up and expands when it’s done being built.
  • Change the Atlantis to not use attached guns anymore. The missiles now shoot out of the open slots and the flak has been removed.
  • Pausing a Cybran factory while it’s not building won’t error out anymore.
  • Reduced UEF Destroyer rocking because it’s throwing off the torpedo launching.
  • Fixed the UEF SCU’s personal shield not working right when you upgrade it.
  • Cruise missiles off of subs will now destroy on water after they’ve come out of water.
  • Unpausing certain factories during upgrade won’t start animating their arms.
  • Aeon T1 engineer doesn’t have to turn to build like the T2 or T3 anymore
  • Sped up the arm for UEF engineers so they don’t get as big of a draw back because the Aeon/Cybrans don’t have to move an arm to build.
  • Aeon Stealth generator had jamming button causing it to pop up and down. Changed to stealth button, which is what it does.
  • If you build the left shoulder pod on the UEF CDR, then build the right one, then kill the right one, you can no longer build infinite shoulder pods.
  • Shield/intel toggle buttons won’t disappear anymore when they are being upgraded.
  • Fixed the exploit of reclaiming a unit down to 1 hp, destroying it and reclaiming the wreckage for full mass value.
  • Tactical Missile defense will now shoot down Aeon MML’s missiles.
  • Units destroyed by allied units leave wreckage.
  • Pausing/unpausing a shield quickly won’t give it a percentage of health back anymore.
  • Radar/Sonar now don’t shutdown their intel for 10 seconds when they upgrade.
  • All air units were not getting their wreckage reclaim values set properly because their overkill ratio was nil. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed the bug that you can once again get both weapons enabled on a Cybran anti-air if you put it on a transport. It now goes back to firing at AA when it’s dropped off.
  • Cybran Anti-Air now no longer activate both weapons if you put them on/take them off transports.
  • The Aeon stealth gen now has its visual effect in the proper place.
  • You will now no longer get charged energy every time you give an attack order with weapons; only if it’s fired will get you get charged.
  • UEF/Cybran SubCDRs now shoot properly after they build
  • Aeon Attack Boat – increased health and adjusted movement tuning.
  • Aeon T1 Tank Tuning – Minor tweaks to movement to make the tank smoother. Added a small amount of yaw to the turret to allow the unit to fire at moving units. Reduced damage and health.
  • Torpedo Tower Tuning – Standardizing hitbox sizes; torpedoes were occasionally missing the towers. Cybran and Aeon T2 towers increased health.
  • Scathis energy drain per shot decreased to 70K.
  • Naval Tuning – Anti-torpedo projectiles reduced fall speed, added projectile lifetimes. Changed collision spheres to be more appropriate and improve weapon behavior. Aeon Destroyer – slightly reduced potency in general and vs. torpedoes. UEF Destroyer – slightly reduced potency while land shelling and vs. torpedoes. Cybran Destroyer – slightly reduced potency while land. Cybran Submarine – Slight reduction in potency. Veterancy update for Frigates. Cybran Frigate – increased health and main gun damage. Aeon Frigate – increased health, main gun damage, rate of fire and projectile lifetime of anti-torpedoes.
  • TML Structure Tuning – Reduced min radius to the bare minimum required for a good looking projectile trajectory.
  • Aeon T1 Bomber – increased damage.
  • Cybran T1 Mobile Artillery – increased damage, damage radius, stun duration, stun radius, reduced firing randomness and economy cost.
  • Veterancy Tweaking on Commanders – Setting the regen rate to something more reasonable, fixed Aeon SCU’s base regen rate.
  • Strategic Submarines – setting nuke silo storage size to 4 for Aeon and UEF, 2 for Cybran.
  • Hitbox adjustments on Transports – t1/t2 units fit inside the transports’ hitbox.
  • TML Tuning – Setting damage, damage radius and econ cost on all structure TML’s to the same as Aeon. This is a buff to Cybran and UEF.
  • T2 Artillery Tuning – Adjusting turret pitch on Aeon, UEF and Cybran so that they can shoot into nearby valleys.
  • Various balance changes to torpedo bombers; ~3x increase to damage, 2x increase in build cost, ~4x increase to health.
  • Various changes to transports; increase build cost, only T1 bots will fire from them, increase to auto land time.
  • Significant buff to ACU and SCU upgrades and base abilities.
  • Removed moving firing randomness from t1 bots.
  • Slight increase to Cyrban shield radius.
  • Anti Nuke silo cost increase.
  • Omni towers omni range reduced to 200. Radar and Sonar on Omni Tower still at old value of 600.
    GPGNet Update:
  • New feature: Change user account name. At login, players can choose to change their username. Usernames are automatically updated everywhere within the application. However, rankings and records always remain intact.
  • New feature: Play Right Now button speeds access to 1v1 ranked matches by automatically launching game searches using last known automatch preferences.
  • Errata: GPGNet readme references a new feature, Arranged Teams. This feature has not yet been released as it requires additional testing before beta release.


– If you are defeated, you are out of the game even if you have allies still in the game.








最近的pc gamer的播客说,在大地图上,Supcom单位寻路占用的内存已经从80MB优化到了8MB