Fans of Chris Taylor’s strategy opus received a surprise today when the studio head announced that he was handing off control of the franchise to Farenheit/Heavy Rain creator David Cage. “David and I have wanted to work together for a long time” Taylor said, “and with my attention focused on Age of Empires, this seemed like the perfect time to bring him on board.”

Cage himself took to the floor to announce Supreme Commander 3, showing the press a brief teaser trailer in which a boy in fifties-style clothing attempted, fruitlessly, to goad a 200-foot tall mobile command unit into playing baseball with him. “This is a game of many things” he explained. “Yes, it is about 200-foot tall mobile command units and the lonely men who pilot them; it is also about hope, windmills and the invention of the printing press.”

“Supreme Commander is a wonderful series. A wonderful series. But I wonder – when a man lays out his energy generators, can that be art? When a man makes a little tank, a little gunship, is that love? I believe that a King Kryptor’s greatest power is his ability to make you cry. I believe that if you zoom out far enough, you will see the human heart.”

Supreme Commander 3 is scheduled for release in the summer of 2012.


克里斯泰勒的战略巨著的球迷今天收到一个惊喜时,工作室负责人宣布,他控制的专营权交给Farenheit/晚间有雨或创作者大卫笼。 “,大卫和我想一起工作很长一段时间”泰勒说,“我的注意力集中在帝国时代,这似乎像是一个完美的时间,使他在船上。”凯奇自己在地板上宣布最高指挥官3,显示了记者简短的预告片,其中一个男孩在五十年代风格的服装,劳而无功,试图鞭策一个200英尺高的移动指挥到演奏与他的棒球单位。他解释说:“这是一个对很多事情的游戏”。 “是的,它是约200英尺高的移动命令的单位和试验他们的孤独的男人,它也希望,风车和印刷术的发明。”“最高指挥官是一个奇妙的系列。一个精彩的系列。但我不知道 - 当一个人勾画出他的能量发生器,可以说是艺术呢?当一个人做一个小坦克,一点点的武装直升机,是爱情?我相信国王Kryptor的最伟大的力量是他有能力让你哭。我相信,如果你放大远远不够,你会看到人类的心脏。“最高指挥官3预计在2012年夏天发布。

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