TA 3.9.2版 Unoffic PATCH: TAU引爆TA 16周年庆祝,MegaMap引领Mod盛会!

http://www.tauniverse.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43736 TAU引爆TA 16周年庆祝,MegaMap引领Mod盛会!



4.最后如果进入游戏发现很延迟,运行一下游戏目录里的 win8修复.reg,开游戏看卡不,还卡,运行win8取消修复.reg。 不延迟的话,别运行
5.如果安装了mod后,出现TA PATCH的功能失效,全屏地图不会出来的情况,重新打fuck360补丁。最后,可以在横扫天下会寻求帮助

昨天是TA的发售日期16周年纪念日!所以TAU发布了TA Patch 3.9.2! (增加了很完善的全局小地图等等等) 在同时还发布了TA ESC的最新版本(T4的悬浮单位),最新的TA Zero(包含T2单位),以及最新的TA Mayhem(和上一版的Mayhem相比增加了35个新单位!)都是同时发布了!

UPDATE: It has been discovered that the game may not launch for some users with AMD GPUs or Windows 8. Please see the note at the bottom of this post for more information.

On this week sixteen years ago, Total Annihilation was unleashed upon the world and Total Annihilation Universe is almost as old, remaining the final bastion of Total Annihilation on the internet after over fifteen years online. Today, to celebrate Total Annihilation’s anniversary, TA Universe is releasing the long-awaited Total Annihilation v3.9.02 Beta Patch, complete with the groundbreaking new megamap, as well as long-awaited updates to three major mod projects, each of them based on the the patch: Total Annihilation Zero Alpha 4, finally featuring T2 units; TA: Escalation Beta 6.8, introducing advanced hovercraft; and Total Mayhem Beta 6.9, adding 35 new units since the last version.

What is the TA v3.9.02 Beta Patch? It’s the latest beta version of the TA Unofficial Patch, a project that aims to be the comprehensive and definitive update to Total Annihilation, featuring must-have features like fixed pathfinding, indispensable new interface features and bug fixes, and the brand-new interactive megamap, a full-screen map that will change the way you play the game. Everything you can do in the game view or the minimap, you can do on the megamap, and you can quickly zoom back in to the exact spot you want on the game view. It’s all as easy as rolling the mouse wheel.

Download the Total Annihilation v3.9.02 Beta Patch

But that’s not all! The action keeps coming with three excellent mods that all contain the same features as the TA v3.9.02 patch:

Total Annihilation Zero is a complete remake of Total Annihilation featuring three factions: an all-new Arm and Core as well as mysterious faction called the Guardians of Kadesh (GoK). Today’s release is the much anticipated version Alpha 4, featuring the introduction of T2 ground units for all factions. If you’re new to TA Zero, the official website is a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the mod.

Download Total Annihilation Zero Alpha 4

Total Annihilation: Escalation is the most popular Total Annihilation mod, adding dozens of innovative and high-quality units to Total Annihilation, resulting in a premiere “expansion pack” style mod. Today’s Beta 6.8 release adds the long-awaited advanced hovercraft as well as numerous gameplay adjustments.

Download Total Annihilation: Escalation Beta 6.8

Total Mayhem is one of the longest running mods in the Total Annihilation and possibly RTS world, being in development since 1999 (back then, it was known as GMTA). Part-comprehensive-balancing-mod and part-unit-pack, Total Mayhem adds tons of units to Total Annihilation while making sure to preserve the feel of original Total Annihilation. Today’s release, Beta 6.9, adds 35 new units and features many bug fixes.

Download Total Mayhem Beta 6.9

Playing any of these mods online is now easier than ever! Simply install the GameRanger client and select which mod you want to play online by setting it as the Total Annihilation location in GameRangers options. That’s it!

Of course, there’s a lot more to learn about the Unofficial Patch and each of these three mods, so be sure to read the documentation in detail and visit the forum if you have any questions or comments.


There were some mistakes with the original downloads which have now been fixed. If you installed the patch or any of the mods, please uninstall everything (included the patch resources, which can only be uninstalled from the control panel) and redownload them to get the fixed versions.

Also, please note that the game might not launch when using newer AMD/ATI graphics cards (with any OS) or Windows 8 (with any graphics card). Until this issue is fixed, there are two workarounds:

  1. You can try changing the following registry value from 01 to 00: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TA Patch\Eye\VSync” as this will allow the game to launch, however, the frame rate may be unacceptably low on certain machines, especially on the megamap.


  1. You can run the game in windowed mode, available via the included launcher or by setting the “-d” parameter to the game shortcut. The game will run fine but please note that running in windowed mode disables some new features such as the megamap, whiteboard, line building, and multiplayer allied resource bars.



:6_284: 先试试 呵呵

为什么TA-ZERO Alpha 4的体积突然从十几M变成100多M,到底多了些什么东西:6_273:

玩ta mayhem进入单机遭遇战时报错



ta zero 多了好几副地图

我记得ta mayhem是有个BUG的,以前一路更新版本都没有修正,会引起出错的,我都是自己修正了才能玩。老外的TA可能跟国内的不一样,所以作者一直没发现这个问题。






TM FA也有啊。

可喜可贺 喜闻乐见

打了 TA Patch 3.9.2! 补丁 给力啊 一些快捷键可以用了
比如ctrl+shift 造100个 可以了
还有shift+x 重复可以了 360安全卫士阻止不了了
还有 +atm 是补满金属和能量 给力啊 呵呵
还有修复了花屏色块错误 全屏照旧花屏 但用补丁的副程序可以设置分辨率 我最高设置到2560x1440窗口可以玩 画面正常
玩了一个TOTALM_b692 给力啊 终于有直升机出现 呵呵
关于100多M多了什么 安装完每个MOD都是独立的 可以独立玩游戏 也可以把地图拷里面在玩


玩TA MAYHEM 7.06模組 對戰時 出了問題 遊戲報錯.
看了前幾位達人的回復 可能是少個文件…(corplas_dead.tdf)

想問問怎麼做才可以把MOD打開 在把文件改進去 在打包?

建議:應該玩MAYHEM都會遇到這個問題 板主應該可以在MAYHEM 介紹頁底下掛個FIX檔.


xpoy 多謝 我在測試看看

楼楼,TA PATCH是啥呀