TA ESC和TA_M的联机玩家能力锦标赛

首先是TA_M的Tournament :
To see more activeness in the Mayhem section, and other sections as well, you will start seeing quite a few of tournament sign up options.

If you want to enter the Total Mayhem Tournament, please say so below.
matches will be randomized, and the randomiser wont play favorites - I promise.

I will set up a ladder where you can see who you play, on what map, and the date, and the current standings as well, so you can see who you may have to play later.

The version used is to come, after Gamma changes a few concerns about the current balance between some units.

Maps, as well, will be randomized, but i promise wont be bogus unplayable unbalanced maps.

The following map packs will be used:
Totala2.hpi (Cavedog cd maps)
CCmaps.ccx (ccmaps)
TA Zone map pack (map pack created by multiple users that made some wonderful maps.) click here to get ta zone map pack maps.
And, [S]afeways map packs will be used. click here to get [S]afeways maps

And a few other 3rd party maps will be used as well.

If you have any recommendations for maps, please post them below.

(I realize that some people may not have cc maps. If you do not, and you are assigned to play on one, tell me and ill change your map.

Tournament Rules :

  1. You may attack any commander with any unit except for your own commander.
  2. Commander may not pass half mark of the map.
  3. Games will be played “Commander death = end game”.
  4. LOS settings will be “True”.
  5. Cheatcodes will be disabled.
  6. At least 1 player has to record the game. in battle room type “.record T_Playername_Playername_Mapname”.
  7. No watchers (cheating reasons).
  8. No build time, EMG is allowed. Air is allowed. BB is allowed. Nuke is allowed. ECT…
  9. If a commander gets dgunned, the tournament reviewers will review it and decide who wins.
  10. If a disconnection happens, the tournament reviewers will review it and decidie who wins. If its too early into the game, a rematch will be issued.

If you think ive missed any rules, please request them, and i will then add to the list.

TA Demo Recorder .99b2
TA Demo Recorder

Install those in that order.

(requested 3rd party maps will go here)

  1. Machine

  2. Zango

  3. Gamma

  4. Maxfreak

  5. Deemi

  6. Zotus

  7. [email protected]

  8. [email protected]

  9. [email protected]

  10. [email protected]

  11. [email protected]

  12. [email protected]

Below post your msn address, and what days you can play on.
I wont start making the latter standings untill the 23rd.


当前还在进行中。 /:^]

TA ESC的玩家评价

I’ve been watching a ton of games the past few days from versions Beta 3.0 through Beta 3.3 and based on the results I’ve compiled the first top 10 Player rankings. Here are the results:

  1. Warlord (expansionist, good unit combinations, lots of cons)
  2. War_Machine (Cory) (resource master, heavy spammer)
  3. Zangofett (Warlord Jr.)
  4. NLJ (excellent micro)
  5. Scirmast (good resource, defensive creeper)
  6. Vohvelielain (agressive commander user)
  7. Boogie (based on multiple pre 3.0 games as well - probably should be higher - excellent micro)
  8. Wotan (probably a bit too high and fading)
  9. Bobo (new but good)
  10. Norfolk (same as Bobo)

To Be Determined (need to see more games)

Corrupted Chief
Nutrients (not played yet, but we hear he is really good)

Rankings are a bit subjective based mostly on 2v2 games with emphasis placed on individual resource and unit production and management along with battle results.

Warlord, War Machine, and Zango are hands down the best players. Zango and Warlord recently played a 3.1 battle on Comet Catcher that was truly epic with both demonstrating superb econmic and tactical skills with Warlord narrowing out a late victory with bomber squadrons. I’ll post the recording if there is any interest.

In the meantime, keep those games going and dont forget the the recordings I think we’ll be starting the ESC tourney over the holiday break next month (there will be prizes too)

Stay tuned…

当然了,喜欢ESC的朋友们一定应该去试试自己的水准了。 /:^]