TA: Frenzy (曙光)1.25更新

TA: Frenzy version 1.25 released - Muzzleflash
Thu 5 Jun 2008, 1:09 AM | 11 Comments, last comment by Warlord Zsinj

Longtime community member François recently released a new beta of his own pet project, TA: Frenzy. From what I gather, it is somewhat of a unit compilation pack, intended to balance and update OTA’s units and fill in the gaps of Arm and Core’s build trees. Based on the number of tweaks made, I would speculate that François has spent quite a lot of time working on the project, and as such I think it definetly merits some attention. Here is a short list of improvements:

  • Stronger air transports - capable of taking more punishment from flak guns,
  • Increased line of sight and a more impressive self-destruct weapon for Spies,
  • And other unit tweaks in terms of scripting, names, and capabilities.
  • Plus, revamped AI profiles and map weapons to make for stronger and more unpredictible gameplay.
  • And many more…

TA: Frenzy 1.25 is available for download in two parts at our sister-site FileUniverse, at this location (part 1) and also right here(part 2). You can also join a discussion in progress (and the threadalso features a more detailed list of tweaks and fixes) by visiting this thread in the TA: Frenzy forum.


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