TA3D 0.6 alpha 17(内测结束的版本)

10.19.2009 TA3D 0.6 alpha 17 for win32

What`s new?

*fixed Dead lock in file transfer stuffs in Network
*fixed a crash when closing connection to server
*fixed coordinated not being read correctly from EVENT_DRAW packets resulting in incorrectly stretched images
*removed compression from file transfer code : now that we send the data through a compressed socket, stream compression is likely to be more efficient than compressing fixed-size blocks of data so we don’t need it anymore
*fixed crash on exit when SocketTCP::~SocketTCP tries to write some logs

  • increased compression level from 1 to 6 (won’t change too much the compression ratio)
  • added a state variable for TCP sockets to enable/disable Z_SYNC_FLUSH mode (really improves the compression ratio : 120% reduce to 60% \o/)
  • added some bytes counters to have some statistics in TCP sockets
  • fixed data corruption bug in compressed sockets code
  • use Z_SYNC_FLUSH instead of Z_NO_FLUSH in order to get the same behavior (in term of delay) as sockets
  • fixes to compressed sockets code
  • fixed crash when opening a non compressed TCP socket
  • fixed several compilation warnings
  • fixed players connected to a game server not leaving their chan
  • fixed clients auto rejoining the server after game ended
  • fixed some corrupt log output
  • fixed player’s name not being set to their login when starting/joining a game with NetClient?
  • fixed NetServer forgetting server mod when updating server info
  • added some join/host/change mod code
  • added a “default” mod to the mod list in the mods window (in order to be able to unload all mods and get back to default)
  • added support for a list of players per game server
  • the GameServer::List type is now a map (much faster/adapted to what we’re doing with it)
  • improved NetClient? GUI
  • added support for game server listing
  • added a new command parser which understand strings with ‘"’ delimiters
  • updated JNetClient to support the new command format (complex strings with ‘"’ and special characters escaped with )
  • improved complexity of the Skin::TextEditor? function (it was doing a test per character …)
  • fixed Skin::TextEditor? splitting end of line words over two lines
  • improving the GUI model
  • added the beginning of an online-games window
  • fixed a bug in the extraction process of several mod archives downloaded from the mod repository system (added ‘"’ around filenames and paths)
  • uninstalling a mod now forces mod list refresh
  • fixed music starting to play in menus when it should remain in stopped state
  • fixed a few warnings
  • fixed several texture variables not being initialized resulting in texture pool being corrupted (white background in game stats screen)
  • fixed health bars position and size
  • Ta3D now uses libyuni-config, the good way to compile with libyuni.
  • You can use the ‘YuniProfileBuildTemplate?.cmake’ to customize the settings.
    *many other fixes…

In the next build the pathfinding will be reworked.

HELP section is here http://trac.ta3d.org

As usual it’s on TA3D’s ftp:







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