The adventures of Bill Tanguy & John Laverdure(新图)

Those pictures were on the French forum for some times, but I hadn’t time to translate 'til now.
French bias is completely assumed , for it is an hommage to both Buck Danny’s French counterparts (Tanguy & Laverdure) and to the “Bill & John” videos. Links are displayed in the end …

Under major Tom’s leadership, our heroes are flying low in a Norwegian fjord, flaunting the exquisite mechanics of their brand new Mirage 2000, the “top of the line flying chicks magnet”.

When suddenly …
Bandits, two o’clock!
Mig 23! Too close for the SUPER 530, switching to Magic !

Manoeuvering to get in firing position with MAGIC:

Laverdure tries to align itself on his target while Tanguy has … some cold sweats:

Guns Guns Guns!!!

Vive la France!!

In order to celebrate, Tanguy decides to open a beer:

Some sources of inspiration & references:
Tanguy & Laverdure, the “Sky Knights” (Chevaliers du ciel) started their adventures in comics, just like Buck Danny, back in the early 60’s.

But for many, they were the popular heroes of the 1967’s TV show. It must have been the best recruitement commercial for the French Air Force for more than a decade. Hard to imagine now from the acting and scenario …
The serie was rebooted a few years ago with a movie named … “Les Chevaliers du Ciel”. Some kind of French “Top Gun”. Made in co-operation with the French Air Force, the movie was basically a 102mn commercial for Dassault Aviation!

Now, “The Adventures of Bill & John” were a “Top Gun” parody made with footages taken from Lock-On simulator. So popular that they made a sequel: