The Cursed英文简介

The Game
“The Cursed” is a free realtime-strategy game based on the Spring engine. The game is about bones, undead, demons, space marines and magic settled in a futuristic environment. Humankind is at the brink of destruction. After initial tests of the experimental space jump-drives holes were torn into the netting of space and time. The walls to other dimensions became porous. Thus long forgotten entities from hell itself could find their way to our dimension and came to consume all souls they could get. Humankind faces a threat that the universe hasn抰 seen for eons�
The game features two unique races: The Cursed - a faction combining undead and demonic creatures and the Imperial Guards � human forces with high-tech weapons and incredible firepower. Many units in game have unique abilities, like burrowing, rocket jumping, teleporting, transmutation and aura casting. You will experience a war that is fought with tanks, guns, space crafts, bone dragons, priest, demons, werewolf and angels.
The Team
aZaremoth: Head of the project, desginer, modeler, game graphics, webpage graphics, unit animation, little cob and LUA coding, guy-for-everything
CarRepairer: LUA-wizard, he makes all the nifty game features possible
corleone: webmaster and coding for the webpage
Maneater: gameplay and lots of alpha and beta-testing
Cursed Buildtree
This is the buildtree for the cursed (morphs in purple require a Hearth of darkness

Imperial Buildtree
This is the buildtree for the imperial guards

There are two types of resources: energy and metal. Energy can be generated by special buildings freely (Soulstones, Soulcages, Solars and Powerplants). All units consume energy all the time (upkeep) AND it is needed for the production of units. Thus you should always keep an eye on your energy level. Too many units with a insufficent Enegrgy supply will cause very long production circles for additional units or buildings. Metal can be extracted from the ground by metal extractors (MEX). By pressing F4 or clicking on a MEX in the buildmenue you can see where metal is available. Metal is the second “cost” of all units and structures.
Getting started with the Cursed
Your starting unit and the basic structure-builders are immobile obelisks. Obelisks and necromancers can build other obelisks. For a good start you should build 2-3 MEXs, some soulstones and a pyramide to spawn necromancers. You can expand with necromancers more easily and they can summon your first offensive units. Expansion is very important as metal in essential for a working economy. When you have enough metal you can build a hearth of darkness. This building enables the necromancers to morph into liches, as well as obelisks and the dark assembler can be upgraded. The upgraded units are able to summon better but more expensive structures and units. It is a good thing to replace your MEXs with the advanced versions now. Build advanced units, expand and defend gained ground. Oblivion awaits your enemies!
Getting started with the imperial Guards
You start out with a Builderoid � a hovering construction unit. For a good start you should build 2-3 MEXs, some solars and barracks. With this building you can create your first soldiers. Build some Marines, Rippers, Pyros and Builderoids for expansion. Try to claim so many metal spots as possible, build more solars and construct a War Factory when you have enough resources left. Here you can build improved combat units and an Advanced Builderoid that can build better but more expensive structures. It is a good thing to replace your MEXs with the advanced versions now. Build advanced units, expand and defend gained ground. Build a techcenter to be able to build more advanced units like Walkers, Scorpions and MLRS.









早知道,The Cursed最新版本为1.15版,Spring引擎版本为84版,且两阵营单位截图我基本截图完毕,有时间会发在吧里的.