The Eyecandy Help Topic -TAU翻译领报

Ok, to sort out a bit, here’s the main Help topic for the Eycandy forums…

Some basic things you need to know are:

3do - The format of the TA model
3ds - 3d Studio Max
BPs - Build Pictures, the picture of the unit you click on when you want to build in TA.
Cool Point™ - Just a special point given by Ktulu (or multitude of people) to show you’ve made some sort of wonderful artistic creation.
MS - Milkshape 3d
PS - Photoshop
PSP - Pain Shop Pro
[WIP] - Most people put this in the beginning of their thread to indicate that its a Work In Progess.

TA Palette for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro
Dark Rain’s 3DO Import plug-in for Milkshape.
OTA Unit Backgrounds

I’m Stealth870, a retired BP maker, atleast until SupCom comes out. There’s also the creative modeller Ender and the Photoshop king TRO who is very secretive of his techniques and is rumored to be lazy. For a more extensive list on talented individuals, you can check this thread out.

Now, many people ask about proggies for modelling. Well, supposedly, many use LightWave, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Modo, Silo, or the not-so-good-renderer Rhino, although Rhino is still a very good modelling tool for TA. Also, Rhino does have a partner rendering engine called Flamingo. Terragen is good, to render, backgrounds that is. You’ll need to Photoshop or use Paint Shop Pro to add the unit in. There’s also a free Photoshop-looking program called GIMP which is a great alternative (There is also another nice program called Paint.NET) . Milkshape is good to get the angle of the unit, if your using the PS/Terragen Combo like I used to do with my BPs. Now I use (like MAD TA) Vue d’Esprit for rendering (which is kinda like Bryce), and I gotta say that thing rocks!!

Now you need to learn how to use the proggies right? Here’s a list of tutorials by some of us that you may be interested in:

OTA BPs in Photoshop by TheRegisteredOne
Bryce 5 + MS tutorial by Twigathy
MS + PS + Terragen by Stealth870
Easy BP and Eyecandy Tutorial by Dark Rain
3D Model Texturing by Grumble

If you have suggestions, comments, or anything you need to add to this thread, please make a new thread. :slight_smile: