The second REAL strat post :) the importance of moving

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Posted by Spooman15 on 12-15-1999 04:28 PM:
The second REAL strat post :slight_smile: the importance of moving
Keeping your guys moving can be the difference between life and death,
especially in a small battle between ballistic cannon units. You move, they
don’t hit you, you hit them. And it allows you to get around to their weak, long
range units. It doesn’t just have to be against ballistics though. Even emgs can
miss, and the more your enemy misses the better

Posted by StrangerBehindU on 12-15-1999 07:22 PM:

Yeah, Nothing is easier then a stationary object when bombarding with big guns
or making bombing runs.
I’d also take a fast moving unit like a flea or zapper over a goliath in a one
on one fight.

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Posted by Viperion on 12-15-1999 08:24 PM:

Hey, neat trick to avoid bombing runs. (this may only work with UH’s upgraded
“teleporting” hover trans) Grab the unit with the trans, and put it back on the
other side of the trans. wallaha! Prob solved
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Posted by Spooman15 on 12-16-1999 10:41 AM:

Hm… the flea and zippers have such short ranges, though, that occasionally the
goliath will score a hit. Or, if the player is smart, he will aim at the ground
were your flea is going, and your poor little flea will run right through his
fire. In a 1v1 fight, I’d take a Fido. Nice range, nice armor, speedy, and their
shells don’t arc.

Posted by Hanni on 12-16-1999 12:01 PM:

well in a 1 on 1 fight i will pick a sumo or krogoth against your flea or zipper
then again you would have like 300 zippers to one krogoth probably, that would
be a neat site, 300 zippers dancing around a krogoth…hmmm

Just because you are not paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

Just because you are not paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

Posted by Spooman15 on 12-16-1999 12:48 PM:

Well, obviously a kroggy can whip anything because of it’s laser and missiles.
But other than that, my fido will waste your sumo. It’ll take a while, but don’t
think I’m ever coming in range of that laser. And don’t even dream of catching

Posted by Screamer on 12-16-1999 09:03 PM:

Spooman and if the Sumo just retreats…?

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Posted by Spooman15 on 12-17-1999 10:49 AM:

That will make my life easier. Once you tell a unit to attack something, it will
keep it in range if possible and shoot it even if it’s out of sight. There is no

Posted by Dark Rain on 12-17-1999 01:20 PM:

Slashers never miss
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Posted by Hanni on 12-17-1999 05:32 PM:

a retreating sumo…so in the 30 second game time it takes the sumo to do an
about face and start retreating, the fido will pretty much have the sumo in the

Just because you are not paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

Just because you are not paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

Posted by vapo on 12-18-1999 12:07 AM:

This is certainly true, moving is incredibly
important. If you can clamp down on your
opponent’s movement space you will exact
hellish casualties.

When you can it’s best to move radially to
the enemy. This works better in direct
proportion to how dispersed your force is.
If your force is clumped, and you’re moving,
something that tries to hit vehicle a will
instead hit vehicle b.

Forcing your opponent to clump up by
ambushing in valleys and narrow defiles is
one of the nastiest things I have found.

You will like my little note on Core maneuver
tactics, posted on

Posted by Screamer on 12-19-1999 09:24 AM:

Hmyes, it takes Sumos a while to move at all. Err, in a 1v1 fight, if it comes
down to it I take the Commander over anything smirk

The beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting
the heart asunder.
Virginia Woolf

Posted by Gray on 12-19-1999 08:49 PM:

funny you guys mention this…

NOT moving can be the best thing ever for units with ballistic cannons.

For instance, build a pair of Jeffies and go harrass a single Raider. Have the
Raider sit still, chances are in a few shots the Jeffies will be dead.

next situation, Goliath column rolling along, and you notice some Mavericks
coming to flank. Tell your column to stop immediately. Give the Goliaths proper
spotting, and the Mavericks will be lucky to even kill 1 Goliath, even if the
Mavericks are coming at the Goliaths at an angle.

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Posted by blacktaz5000 on 10-24-2001 02:17 AM:

is this the second or first post?

Posted by Warlord Zsinj on 10-24-2001 03:27 AM:

How does that work Grey?
If you stay as a standing target, they can surround you, concentrating their
fire (lets use the mav v gol example) on your Goliath.
Meanwhile, your Goliath is forced to split its fire between several units, each
surrounding it on a different angle. Then, if it manages to kill one, it must
turn its slow moving turret to fire at the next Mav. By this time, you would
already be dead.

Given, you wouldn’t just have a single goliath hanging around, but that was the
example, and it works on larger scales anyway.

Moving is a classic example of how the immobile defensive units can be exploited
by mobile units.

Defensive structures normally have but a single turret, and are completely

The mobile unit is, well…, mobile ( ), and thus is capable of doing the

  • Dodging enemy fire
  • Surrounding an enemy
  • retreating
    and other tactic-related maneuvers.

The defensive structure, on the other hand, can simply dish out as much damage
as it can, and hope to kill the attacker before it is killed.
It cannot dodge enemy fire, and must simply sit and soak up enemy fire.
It cannot move, and thus can have tactics pulled on it, but can only concentrate
on a single unit and kill it.
Plus, it cannot retreat. Once you build a defensive structure, it is there until
it dies, which is a waste if you expand passed that line unharrassed.

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Posted by A_Novice_ToS on 10-24-2001 06:31 AM:

What Gray said is absolutely true - and the reason for this is turret speed;
If Goliaths are moving and turning they start to counteract their turret aiming
and never manage to actually target a unit properly. If you tell them to stop
they will be able to target the units better and thus be more effective.


Posted by PeterC on 10-24-2001 07:17 AM:

The other time when moving is bad is with Samsons. If you set them to come out
of their factory at a particular location they’ll form a nice diamond over time.
When this gets to around 25+ thick virtually nothing can get through. They’ll
fire as soon as something enters range, and the attacker just cannot move like
that. Oncoming Samsons/Rockos will move in lines, and they’ll get killed one by
one, trapping the ones behind in further wreckage. If you move them, they’ll
make those lines themselves rather than be a great defence.


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Posted by DOGGY on 10-24-2001 09:52 AM:

im not very familiar with ballistic units, but:
1.units with low turret speed and bad accuracy (like the goliath) should be
stopped 2 kill moving units with better turret speed and accuracy
2. units with low turret sped and bad accuracy (like gollies) should not be
stopped if they aim stationary units or units with worse turret speed and

and then, PeterC, u are partly right about what u said about sams. The important
thing is 2 have all ur units as close 2gether as possible (thats true for
defenders, gollies, kroggies, sams, rockos, just all units u can think of ), so
if a unit enters shotrange, more sams can shoot at a time.
10pels vs 10 pels can end with 5 pels of 1 guy left, and the other guy lost them
all, because they were too loose (5pels shooting at 1 pel===> just 1 pel will
lose 20% of his energy, and this 5 times in a row = 1 guy loses 5 pels, the
other guy loses just 1 pel!! (ok ok, u know that aleady, but u can never
the problem about the compact groups is: 1. ballistic weapons with bad accuracy
( f.ex. guards/punisher) that hit compact groups much easier and can kill
several sams at a time)
2. roachbombs (its really a pleasure 2 see 15 pels in a compact group, and u
have a roachbomb )
3. dgun!!!

Ah, and retreating missile units will kill attacking missile units (remember the
+30% greater shooting range O_o), so forget about standing sams if u have the

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