18 Jun, 2011
I did receive a response to the Community Letter I submitted back in May. It follows as…

Dear Jonathan,

My name is Colin Thompson; I manage the Customer Support team for THQ North America. I was forwarded your letter from May 2011, and after conducting a little research on my side, wanted to reach out and hopefully address your concerns .

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to serve as a voice for the Supreme Commander/ Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance community. While THQ regularly receives feedback regarding current, past, and future titles, your letter particularly stands out (in my 5 years with THQ) due to its attention, clarity and specificity. I’m also aware the letter was the sum of the input of several other Supreme Commander community members (yes, we read the message boards, too!), so I’d like to pass on my appreciation to your fellow SupCom fans.

On to business - Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and your request that the unofficial patch 3603 be certified by THQ for distribution. Like I said, this took a little research, as many of the QA personnel who worked on Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance have moved on to new positions, or new companies.

It’s my understanding that the licensing agreement between THQ and Gas Powered Games ended in late 2008. When that relationship ended, the ability for THQ as the publisher to provide quality assurance testing for any further patches also expired. However, in my discussions with current THQ QA staff, they recollected that some measure of testing was done on patch 3603, as a favor to Gas Powered Games. But because the relationship had ended, a sanctioned patch by the publisher would not be possible. I believe this was conducted in the late spring of 2009.

Since that determination was made, no further quality assurance testing was performed on Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. There are no current or pending plans to resume this testing, ostensibly leaving patch 3603 in its unsupported, unofficial beta state.

Is this largely a legal issue? I’m not an attorney, but my guess is yes.
When a license to produce a game ends, so do obligations to provide further material testing. The issue is probably also financial in nature, as the resources required to staff a development and quality assurance team to fully test and certify a patch for a several-years-old game would be operationally and financially prohibitive - and the argument could be made that THQ is fully engaged in producing new products tied to new IPs or existing licenses.
So, going back a paragraph, the short answer again is, there are no current or pending plans to produce an official patch 3603 for Supreme Commander:
Forged Alliance. I am not aware of any information that would suggest it’s a future possibility.

As an industry professional, I doubt this would surprise anyone who’s ever worked for a videogame publisher. I’m sure this has happened many times before, and simply - it is what it is. The licensing agreements, the legal aspects, the contracts, the resource allocations, ROI - at some point a project reaches the end of its viability.

As a fellow gamer, would I like to see a patch produced for a great game
like Forged Alliance? Of course. But again, even we gamers have to dabble
in reality, and at some point have to accept things as they are. Licenses end, resources are allocated to new projects, and the game industry churns ahead with the latest and greatest.

Lastly, despite the lack of any future patch plans, my Customer Support team will continue to support the official versions of Supreme Commander & Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Forget your GPG password? Contact my team. Having a problem installing or reinstalling the game? Contact my team. Game disc scratched/eaten/lost? You guessed it, contact my team at, and we can still probably provide a replacement (as long as supplies hold out).

Again, thanks for taking the time to write. I would have liked to have responded sooner, but I wanted as complete a picture as possible on the history of the THQ/GPG relationship before responding with something coherent.


Colin Thompson
Supervisor, Customer Support





在业务 - “最高指挥官:锻造联盟,和你的要求,非官方的补丁3603由THQ的认证,分配。正如我所说,这花了一点研究,许多QA人员的最高指挥官和锻造联盟工作已经转移到新的岗位,或新的公司。

这是我的理解,THQ和Gas Powered Games公司之间的许可协议在2008年年底结束。当这种关系的结束,为THQ的出版商提供任何进一步的修补程序的质量保证测试的能力也已过期。然而,在与目前THQ QA人员的讨论,他们回忆了一定的检测手段,于3603补丁,作为Gas Powered Games公司的青睐。但因为关系已经结束,一个由出版商认可的补丁不会成为可能。我相信这是在2009年春末进行。


许可证生产游戏结束时,这样做的义务,提供进一步的材料测试。这个问题可能是财务性质,所需的资源,以员工的发展和质量保证团队全面测试并证明了一个补丁几年的老游戏将业务和财务望而却步 - 可以和参数, THQ的充分参与,生产新产品与新的IP地址或现有牌照。

作为一个行业的专业人士,我怀疑这会惊喜不断为视频游戏发行商工作的任何人。我敢肯定,这已经发生很多次,并简单 - 这是它是什么。的许可协议,在法律方面,合同,资源分配,投资回报 - 在一些项目达到其可行性。



再次,感谢您抽出时间来写。我本来有回应越早,但我希望尽可能完整的东西连贯的回应之前,THQ / GPG关系史上的一个图片。