Q. How does the storytelling in Singleplayer work? We know you are using cinematics but to

what extent will the cinematics be used? Will they just be at the beginning (and end?) or

will there be cinematics used during missions? And how will the cinematics tell the story?

Is it just someone narrating like in the Opening Cinematic video or will there be character

interaction? If there is character interaction will they address you the gamer at any point?
Chris Taylor - We have an overarching opening cinematic that gives a history of the galaxy

and sets the stage (and is available online here), but the more specific factional

introduction is shown before the first 揙peration? The cinematics introduce the player to

key characters in the SupCom fiction, and then during the actual operations and missions,

these characters will communicate with the player. We have a fairly comprehensive 損re

operation?briefing screen where the game抯 characters provide the player with a detailed

account of what the operation entails, and more or less prepares them for what they might

encounter. My favorite is Dr. Brackman, as he抯 a hologram, and has a very different

personality than the type of military leader you might expect in his position.



Q. How are the missions setup in Singleplayer? Will we always have to build a base,

establish an economy then finally build all our units? Or will there be missions where when

we join the mission everything is pretty much setup for you?
CT ?We designed and developed a very different mission structure. Instead of the traditional

model where each mission has the player either building a new base or using a pre-built one,

we start the player with a base that matches the scope and scale of the operation. The key

thing that we do differently is that an operation is made up of many smaller 搈issions? and

at the end of each mission, the game session doesn抰 end, but rather the map expands to show

more territory and the next mission is given. We are very excited about this kind of design

as it really changes the way the game feels in single player.



Q. By now a lot of people interested in SupCom have watched the tutorial videos, is that all

the help you will be giving to gamers when they get their hands on the game? Or will there

be something beyond the tutorials to help new people to the genre who may have trouble with

the epicness of controlling numerous battles at once? Or in all your testing have new people

to the genre not had any trouble getting use to the game?
CT ?I think that at first glance SupCom can look a little overwhelming, but when new players

start a campaign, the first couple of missions will ease them into the game slowly, giving

them a chance to refine their skills. We have seen players learn the game very quickly, and

really start to master the new strategic zoom UI in 10 minutes or less.


Q. Why is there such a heavy female presence in Supreme Commander? We know of 11 main

personalities in the game and currently 5 of the characters are female. Is there any

specific reason for why there are so many female personalities in SupCom?
CT ?Ha, I never really thought about it. I don抰 think we have a reason, but we did want the

leadership of one of the factions to be female to balance out the game a bit.

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 how flexible is Supreme Commander going to be for modding? A 1

being able to change basic things like unit stats such as cost and health, and with a 10

being able to easily convert the entire game into something else.
CT ?I would really hope that we are in the high end of that scale, at least an 8 but

hopefully a 9. We know there is something we overlooked that was hardcoded in the game, but

that doesn抰 mean we can抰 release an update to correct that. SupCom was not only

architected to support modding, but we build something we call the 搈od manager?right into

it?and though there will be wrinkles to iron out, we are very excited about this approach.



Q. Do you plan on releasing a Software Development Kit (SDK) for modders? If so, what tools

will be included? Will anyone from Gas Powered Games be available to answer any questions if

a modder has any problems? And will it be available when SupCom releases?
CT ?We are still forming our official plan, but right now are leaning towards just releasing

the in-house tools. The question we struggle with is, do we try to make them easier to use

or add a lot of documentation to explain how they work, or do we just drop them out there

sooner and let the community figure them out?both are valid and have trade-offs, but we just

haven抰 made a final decision on which way we抣l go yet.


Q. Why do you think that FPS gaming has embraced modding so much, while very few RTS games

offer even the most limited support for mods?
CT ?The FPS genre probably took off as the first highly modable PC games because of the

nature of the way the levels were built from game assets. It was a better way to create

games, but wasn抰 absolutely necessary to adopt this kind of game architecture to create an

RTS game. It took quite a few more years for RTS engines to adopt the same kind of systems.

It does take a lot more work to architect an engine to be modable, however, so someone has

to really drive this on the team. Above all else, it really helps if the team working on the

game truly understands the value and benefits from creating a modable game, but this is very

much a notion that changes from team to team and company to company.




Q. Can you comment on the possibility of making a Supreme Commander live action movie in the

near future? You certainly have a deep storyline, but has there been any thought to taking

it beyond the videogame World?
CT ?Robert Coffey has already completed the first draft of the script, and we are always

talking about the possibilities here?it抯 not top of the pile for us, but it is something we

are considering. And what I am excited about is a fully CG SupCom movie, as I think that

would match our fiction much better than live action.
Robert Coffey已经完成了剧本的初稿,我们还经常讨论各种可能的发展。不过这个并不是现在的首要任务。我对全CG的supcom电影很感兴趣,这种方式似乎比真人片子更符合supcom的背景。

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