Mod - Science fiction reimagining
By PistoleerPetrol Posted July 31, 2009 18:32:35

hey everyone,

this is my first post, been following people’s posts on here for a little while. really great ideas. Just wanted to see if any one was looking to do big mods of demigod with the news of the SDK being released. It got me pretty excited, right now including myself have about 8 people interested in doing some big changes. something we are talking about is changing the theme to a scifi setting, and probably not making all new demigods but changing the existing ones models, animation and effects. we have two concept artists in, Myself and two others are Modelers/texture artists. we have a rigger, a VFX artist and an animator. When the sdk is out, probably have more of my friends in.

I really like the designs of all the demigods, but I do want to see some really cool mechanical guys. I think alot of people on here feel the same way.

So, Is anyone else planning on doing some big changes?

drugfreeboy-Thanks for checking the thread out man.

gkrit-its a cool design just feels more fantasy you know, we really want to make crazy characters but still keep them grounded in a non magical universe. and thanks again for sharing your ideas with us we really do enjoy feedback.

regabond-that is an excellent point. having a plasma launcher could be cool, but its would take time to travel, and the TOL are an instant hit. so maybe it curves after them. your comment got me thinking and it might be cool to have the towers be a kind of Tesla coil, maybe not electricity but more like those plasma lamps, and when it hits it arcs a little bit in a small area. plasma stream sounds a bit cooler. i guess ghost busters type stuff. Also we really want upgrades to be a visible change on the towers. so it might be cool to have the archer towers start out as just a minigun emplacement, and 1 upgrade to dmg. adds rockets to it, and another, adds precision lasers and so on. and perhaps if the TOL are a plasma coil thing then maybe when it upgrades it adds another stream to it, or plasma balls shoot out with it. and the same thing when you upgrade the tower defense you will visually see more armor or shields on it.

Trigeminal- that would fit pretty good with the light side being good, mindless mechs in battle are no big deal to send and sacrifice, and gnarly alien insects are definitely on the dark side. only thing it might not fit with some of the more organic races on the light side or the mech ones on the dark side. after reading your post i thought about what we could do for the grunts and I was thinking it might be cool if each type of grunt represent a race. so maybe the healers on the dark side are from the shambling hives race. or the angel unit on the light side is from the inter dimensional traveller race. I guess I should have posted up some of the back story we are working with at this time. So multiple wars have been raging in the known Galaxy for hundreds of years and every time an empire is on the verge of defeat they looked to an ally to bolster their forces in turn the opposing side did the same. and so this continuous merging of empires took place until there were but two factions that could stand up to each other. at this point a large number of previously habitable planets have been completely destroyed or rendered inhospitable to most forms of life. Then one day a unknown race of what seemed to be omnipotent beings appeared. they gave the two great factions an ultimatum, each major race within the faction will send forth its greatest warrior or weapon to do battle to decide which side will rule over the other, or go to war with them and face utter annihilation. well, they chose the previous. so that’s where you the player would pick up. sooooo, getting back to the grunts, that’s why i was thinking they would be made up of each races best squads.

Thanks for posting guys and giving feedback. and any more ideas or thoughts, please post them up right away. also sorry if my little back story is horribly written, i think it gets the major points across.

mini update:

I am working with some level designs that I will be posting up tonight or sat morning. I am working on this large satellite level. the players will be at the very top of it, and down beneath it will be large solar panel, an asteroid mining operation and radar towers that rotate around sweeping for incoming signals. the two starting platforms where the citadel is located will have 1 ship on each side that is docked.

Also I am playing with the idea of a level that is on a jungle planet and the majority of the level is suspended over a large chasm. not sure if the level will be a primitive rope and wood setup, or make it a alien hive and its supported by some beasts foul bodily fluids. almost like a spiders web,but on some heavy space drugs. but gross. maybe the shambling hives home world. have pulsating egg sacks and goo flowing through parts.

I have allready mentioned this idea but i will post it up again. another level could be a destroyed planet and the level is on a floating peice of that planet. since the astonauts home world, earth which was destroyed several hundred years prier to the present time in the game.

So here is the satellite level or space station. no flag or tower placement yet, the actual playing feild may change alot. so for now just to give an idea of the backgrounds we are going to be doing. the ships will not be identical. and when its in 3d it will be better.

like i said right above this i did some Sketches and desighns and cameup with a pretty solid map that uses the satellite motef. rather thangive my usual 2K+ word description i leave that to the mastermindsbehind the SciFi Demigods Mod and will just pos thr map with a shortdescription of what you looking at. take it or leave it this is justan idea.

(Preliminary sketches on satellite idea)
Settled on long slim “death ray” style with two very large solarpannels on top. probably in orbit around a planet (similar to Exile).

(Basic 3D model for satellite)

(Basic Map Design)

(Map Pathing Design)

(Flag Position)

Let me know if u have any question, or need the jpegs for anything.

been a while since my last update. I did some tower concepts over the weekend. I am posting a plasma tower, tonight I will be posting the other three, A tesla coil, missile turret and a howitzer turret.

Polynomial-hey dude, thanks for stopping by. I completely understand what you aresaying. I guess we all really just wanted to do scifi stuff and thestuff we make will be portfolio pieces for us. Another reason is thatwe are unsure of the SDK limitations, so thats why we are not gettinginto changing the attack code and all that jazz, just visuals for now.But, things change so we will see. thanks again for your thoughts.

these are some things i did at 1 in the morning, so please forgive the strange choice of background colors.
Tesla Generator:

[u][b]Missile Tower:

[/b][/u][u][b]Howitzer Platform:

[/b][/u]All turret comparison:

Cowbuttzex- thanks dude, my job is winding down right now so i will have a lot of time now to devote to the mod.

so this is the idea I got for the Grand Unions citadel. Its a cargo vessel that has been retrofitted to be a fast, heavy armored(from front attacks anyways) mobile base or citadel. it basically punches through the planets defenses and basically just rams into the landing zone, permanently planting it into that area. this citadel will work kind of in reverse form the normal DG citadel, instead of getting larger as it is upgraded it will become more entrenched. so maybe some landing gear plants into the ground and straightens the ship out, then maybe it ejects its boosters and something from that area extends out, possibly radar equipment.

just my thoughts and a quick 3d mockup of how it would possibly look.

this is it planted in the ground:

[b]this is a turn around of the ship:

[/b][b]here is a side view showing the ships only defense, two big laser cannons on either side:

[/b]and here are some other angles of the ship:

[/b]imagine this ugly beast flying at you at top speed!

here is an idea for the other sides tower. this one is really rough, did it an an hour.

Hey Guys, here are some of the sketches my buddy made for mechs, were still brainstorming but just wanted to share.

Everything is work in progress. His name is Francisco Cruz and you can check out his work at:


Here it is:

Mech_001. I like the the one with a ship’s hull for a chest. I like to keep that element…
dunno about the treadded tail, if so, I need to pimp it out with more arsenal & stuff.

Mech_002. The center, outlined one, I like the position of his arms, like a lowered shoulder or something.
Makes plenty of room for upper shoulder turrets & gats & such.

Mech_003.Dunno if he’ll fit in at all. Too humanoid. The doodle off to the sideis worth noting. One of the links you guys sent had a tread leg thingin there, figure i’d incorporate it within his leg. He can traverseunstable ground via walking, or couch and speed off on treads. Couldalso be a good excuse to do that “Mech dash” that every mech out therecan do for whatever reason

C&C welcome. Feel free to hit me with more ref & direction.

More planning & doodles in progress.


真有意思 /:^}