I’m happy to say that my faith in this great company has been restored after the recent events. I began to doubt in their managerial and creative capacity some time ago and frankly… I’m not the only one.

I want to share my thought on the recent events and I’m eager to learn what you think. Let’s go!

Sorian has been recently hired to work on SupCom 2.

So GPG is a responsible company after all. Now we all know that you’ve done (and will do) as much as possible to make SupCom 2 a worthy continuation of its great predecessor. I was beginning to wonder if the managers at the company actually understand that very soon they’ll run out of money for further game development (at which point EA will f*** them up with laughter). Thankfully they do.

Since Sorian is on the team, I believe that SupCom 2 will be a good game (or at least as good as you can possibly make it). I don’t expect miracles. I’m aware that Sorian will have his assignments, limited amount of time, etc. But that’s not the point. The point is that Sorian is a very talented guy and that GPG has just proven itsels a responsible company.

Patch 3603.

I hope the full version of the patch will be released soon. I’m so happy that after a year of waiting we finally got it. That’s a great way to give a sign to the community that says “we still care about you and want you to buy our games.” I really don’t care if - as some suggested it - it was the idea of their PR division. What counts is that we have a new patch. I’m now reassured that you care about the whole franchise and want us to stay with you for the many great games to come.

I trust Sorian and I expect you’ll support your future games just like you support FA. It’s enough for me - I will buy SupCom 2.


sorian wrote:

  1. I am not only doing AI stuff. A lot of my work on SC2 has been coding campaign AI, unit stuff, research system stuff, and lots of bug fixes.

  2. I was able to navigate 600 units at once across a map running a non-optimized version. Not only that, but I ran a fatboy right through the center of them going the opposite direction. I’d say the performance is better than FA.

  3. The things people have been crying that the sky is falling about are not issues at all. The economy makes sense. The game is much faster paced. The way half baked experimentals are implemented is not going to break the game. All in all I think SC2 is going to be a lot better than FA.




[table=90%][tr][td]Eric wrote:[/td][/tr][tr][td] [table=90%][tr][td]KrimsonStorm wrote:[/td][/tr][tr][td]AFAIK this is the only game that has this so far.[/td][/tr][/table]

My favorite feature of the new pathfinding (you can see it in a few ofthe videos) is dynamic reformation. Effectively, when you take a group of units and move them somewhere, instead of having every unit move toa random position they each move to the most efficient (usually the closest) position in the formation.

It’s quite impressive, incredibly difficult to do, and as far as I know yes we’re the first game to do it.[/td][/tr][/table]

http://www.pupuplatters.com/pupu … ayer_pro.php?id=379




German game site Gamona has a preview, in German, but forum member Spooky singled out some new stuff and translated it: “Not without pride does Chris Taylor present us the automatic grouping system. When different units get the same orders, they’ll be combined together in one group and can thus be controlled together. […] Those who want the old system like in Total Annihilation can still use it though, it’s a setting that can be optionally turned off.”