This time only minor technical patching (I guess at this point that’s just good thing icon10.gif) but a plentiful of tweaks to units.

GoK units are so problematic to balance… Sometimes they totally own the enemy and some other time they just die horribly without accomplishing anything, especially Disciples. They’re more costly now, which might be an error, but they’ve seemed to fight quite evenly with Grunts in general and can withstand some odd hit from a heavy laser, so I guess a cost increase is appropriate.

All construction units are now more costly and ground cons take longer to build too. Games had often been quite con spammy and losing one barely a loss at all. Hoping to change that a bit with these adjustments.

Geothermal power plants were previously too efficient. For instance, energy production with Arm’s solar panels costs 15M per +1E/s, while with geos it’s only 7.5M per +1E/s; along Alpha 2d this changes to 10M per +1E/s.

Download the files from MBNet.

Alpha 2d :
-Arm geothermal power plant cost increased to M:300 E:240 BT:9000 from M:225 E:180 BT:6750.
-Core geothermal power plant cost increased to M:305 E:244 BT:9150 from M:230 E:184 BT:6900.
-GoK geothermal power plant cost increased to M:310 E:310 BT:9300 from M:235 E:188 BT:7050.
-Arm Settler cost increased to M:84 E:168 BT:6720 from M:72 E:144 BT:5760.
-Arm Custodian cost increased to M:162 E:288 BT:10800 from M:135 E:240 BT:9000.
-Arm Hercules cost increased to M:160 E:480 BT:12000 from M:120 E:480 BT:12000.
-Core Laborer cost increased to M:162 E:270 BT:10800 from M:135 E:225 BT:9000.
-Core Overseer cost increased to M:168 E:420 BT:12600 from M:126 E:420 BT:12600.
-GoK Protector cost increased to M:171 E:342 BT:11400 from M:135 E:270 BT:9000.
-GoK Eudaemon cost increased to M:192 E:576 BT:14400 from M:144 E:576 BT:14400.
-Arm Rebel cost increased to M:66 E:264 BT:6600 from M:63 E:252 BT:6300.
-Core Hornet cost increased to M:69 E:230 BT:6900 from M:66 E:220 BT:6600.
-GoK Black Dawn cost reduced to M:400 E:960 BT:12000 from M:450 E:1080 BT:13500.
-GoK Harbinger cost reduced to M:153 E:306 BT:10200 from M:162 E:324 BT:10800.
-GoK Disciple cost increased to M:81 E:162 BT:5400 from M:72 E:144 BT:4800.
-GoK Disciple ion blaster reload time reduced to 0.45 from 0.5.
-GoK Guardian VSOC reload time reduced to 15 from 60.
-GoK Guardian VSOC AoE changed to 300 from 280.
-GoK Guardian VSOC damage list fixed. Arm Marine and GoK Faerie received only default damage of 1.
-GoK Reaper weapon reload time reduced to 1 from 1.25.
-GoK Faerie and Phantasm cloaking energy costs halved.
-GoK Faerie overcharge ability removed. Primary weapon will now burst fire automatically when engaging combat.
-GoK Stargazer and Harbinger weapon turnrates reduced to 32500 from 35000.
-Core Incinerator category list fixed. It is now considered as a heavily armored target.
-Minor script patching with all hovering and amphibious units that can leave blocking wreckage.
-Aircraft max depth values fixed to be 0 instead of 255.