Mac Resources/Utilities

Uh… right… a list of stuff you want for Mac TA, since most are buried… somewhere…

HPIPack/HIPDump: found at, these are the utilities you need for working with .ufo/.hpi/.ccx/.gp3 files.
TA 3.1.2b6 updater: There are a lot of places to get this, but on the same note a lot of people complain it doesn’t work. You do need this to play on Gameranger, though.
Gameranger: see above. The Mac online gaming service. Don’t worry about your connection, even my wonderful (:P) 28.8 line can handle up to 3 players at once. Lags, sure, but it’s playable. Note: if you have a router/AirPort/firewall you can’t host. TA will do odd things. If you have ONLY a firewally, you need to unblock ports 15000 and 30601 (I think, someone confirm the second one?).
Macutator ( Rough quivalent of TA:M, just without the conflict-crushing abilities. If you wind up like me and have 20+ TCs on your hard drive you want this.
There’s a few others at, but I haven’t really used them so I can’t offer much help/description on them.

I’m also going to be working on a web-based PHP version of TA:Conflict Crusher. I need to finish URC first, and it will take awhile, but as I finish segments I’ll upload them here if someone wants to host them.

If anybody wants to add some, please do.