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I am Thaldren.

I am the individual responsible for fixing the TA Unofficial Beta Patch 3.9.02 as of 2015+ status from 2019 to 2023. FunkyFr3sh is responsible for providing CNC-DDraw to better wrap the DDraw calls into DirectX 9+. Much thanks for his prior work.

With 25 years of historic developments, about 20 of which are post-Cavedog into Total Annihilation, I am announcing a Full Patch Rewrite from Base 3.1-1117a [ Boneyards Version ], right before Cavedog shut down.

It is my great pleasure to announce this new project after many years of Total Annihilation Developments. There are many new things to come with this Now-Announced Patch Update in the works. But in time, they are planned to be revealed.

Until next time, Commander!

Best Regards,

August 11, 2023 at 0318 AM EST

I am reachable at
[email protected]

Greeting Thaldren!

Thanks for your hard work in improving TA, Chinese has standalone TA group, we always use and only use IM software QQ to keep in contact, after restart, now is another good place to share news for Chinese TA community!

And by full-patch, do you mean rewrite from source code? It will be mad.

I am planning a Full Patch for Starting from the Ground Up from Cavedog’s final pre-released version 3.1-1117a, which is The Boneyards, it’s long lost and somewhat forgotten Multiplayer Service by Cavedog. It is a version created after v3.1. This is intended to fully replace all post-Cavedog patchwork since before the Swedish Yankspankers, since the UnitLimit patches, and maybe even more before then.

A Full Rewrite from the Compiled Object Form of TotalA.exe is planned, Yes.
I own a Licensed Copy of IDA Home. with my name on it.

Thank You for your hard work in TDraw.dll as well as the countless feature additions now part of Total Annihilation!

Thank You very much for your message xpoy :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

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xpoy, you have the Exact Source Code to the TA Unofficial Patch 3.9.02 as released in the N72 installers?

No, I don’t have the exact source code of 3902.

But I upload newest one, ddraw related code need update

TA Unofficially 更新2019 - 横扫千军 - Total Annihilation - 横扫天下会 (

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Thank You.

Kindest Regards,

I have the above two [ License for IDA Home ||||||| DigiCert Code Signing Certificate ]


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May I obtain your direct permission to represent and jointly hold the Copyright of your tdraw.dll object and source code? The intended owners of the tdraw.dll are the following individuals / entities: “xpoy” “Thaldren” “Swedish Yankspankers”.

Do what you wish! I don’t hold any copyright of code!

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Thank You!
You are the best :smiley:

你好,xpoy,我记得你告诉Thaldren他可以随便用TA Beta Patch Code!我想你需要知道现在他在脸书上声称他拥有这个代码大部分的版权,并阻止TA其他社群的会员使用它!

This is ridiculous. I don’t know what does Thaladren did, but old 2015 megamap version + dplax from red alert remaker team should work fine in windows 11.

I give my ddraw’s source code permission to all player, which mean you can edit, copy, release, or sell it ,do what ever you want do .

Hi Xpoy, great to see you in action!

Thanks for that clarification, much appreciated.

Come play with us on TAF some time, I see quite a few of your fellow countrymen on there these days

Yeah we have moving to TAF in around time, will be fantastic to have some games in weekends.

You can contact me in or by emails. Old mails always work.