[01/23/10] TeamXbox brings another three-page interview, this time with Chris Taylor.Topics mentioned are the relatively short development time, extensivebackground information about how Square-Enix and GPG teamed up, detailson the AI but most notable are the few sacrifices made for the Xbox360version; console players won’t see 4vs4 multiplayer and the extra bigmaps which are exclusive to PC (again, this isn’t that different fromthe original SupCom Xbox360 port):
Chris Taylor: Wegave up very little [for the Xbox360 version]. I mean, we took oureight-player multiplayer down to four; we don’t think anyone will missthat, because most games were 1v1 or 2v2. The full unit count is there.The maps are all there. Weare including some extra-big maps on the PC side that we can’t support[on the Xbox 360] due to the memory footprint, but, again, these mapsare gigantic and they’re very hard core. We definitelyknow that the PC hard-core audience that wants those big five- andsix-hour games—they’re not the same…that’s not a problem whatsoever, tobe truthful.
All the command and control stuff, all the setting up a patrol route orsetting up queueing up units or setting up factory repeat or pausingthe output of a factory…all of that is there in the 360 version. Wepretty much got it all."