Forum & Unit Making Tutorial

Alright, you just got here, want to make your own raging army of robots, but halt right there, read this first…


Really, there’s nothing more annoying than people posting with Caps Lock in the wrong mode and disregarding age, sex, profession, geographical origin or actual intelligence. Such people are considered and treated as retards.


Look, if you just put an ounce more time at making your posts, use proper punctuation, capital letters and grammar, not to mention actually spelling out the words like they were intended to be, you would come out looking at least eight times as intelligent. On the contrary, if you beat the english language senseless with mindless drivel as “omglol u r bosthord wit he croe unt lololol!!!111221211cat”, we’ll send a hitman to your house (or tent).

§3. Tutorials / Utilities

To make your units, you would probably ask for guidance, but before you ask for a step-by-step walkthrough to everything TA, please take a moment to check out our tutorial sections, which is divided up in classes, depending on what you are about to do. Also, while walking around there, you might as well download the required utilities.

While we rarely have time for a full-time walkthrough guidance, this is a section we gladly offer our services. If your script doesn’t compile, paste it in the forums. If your unit crashes on game load, tell us exactly where and we might know the error.

You may proceed…